The tip every Chinese New Year is, get your Bak Kwa early to avoid the long queues and higher prices. One will see insanely long queues at the Chinatown area, with customers coveting over the few famous Bak Kwa brands.

There is Kim Joo Guan at South Bridge Road, just minutes walk away from Chinatown MRT and Maxwell Food Centre. Thank you to Arthur and Kristy for inviting me to try the barbecued pork. I have walked past the shop several times, finally got my hands on them, and can safely declare these glistering slices to be one of my favourites.

Kim Joo Guan may not be as ‘out there’ as the other noticeable brands, because they only have one boutique outlet.

However, they have supplied to five of the most notable Bak Kwa brands in Singapore for more than 30 years.

What I liked about their Bak Kwa ($47 per kg of traditional pork slice, $50 during CNY period) – the barbeque pork slices are tasty, thick and moist, nicely charred on the edges, not overly oily.

Thicker cuts of some other brands can get too dry, especially after a few days in the kitchen, but Kim Joo Guan’s slices still remain pleasantly juicy on texture and savoury on taste.

The shop makes it a point of sourcing only 100% Australian grain-fed fresh pork, whereby only chilled fore and hind leg meats (instead of frozen ones) are used to preserve the taste.

The pieces are also handmade with sliced meat and not minced as that will retain the meat fibres which translate to better flavour when you chew on it.

I had the opportunity to visit the back of the shop where I saw workers grilled the Bak Kwa over charcoal, piece by piece, which eventually gives them a smoky flavour. That also means supply is limited as they are not factory made. (So get them early!)

My other favourite product was the Premium Pork Belly ($68 per kg) which tasted like juicy bacon, and were of course swept clean by my family within two days!

Other Kim Joo Guan products available:

Gold Coin Pork Slice ($45 per kg)

Original Pork Floss ($5.50), Chilli Pork Floss ($5.80), Sesame and Seaweed Pork Floss ($6)

Spicy Prawn Roll ($6)

Note: Kim Joo Guan offers Pre-Order services (above 3kg) for Chinese New Year, available for both corporate and consumer orders. Free delivery to 1 destination for orders above 30kg.

Kim Joo Guan
257 South Bridge Road Singapore 058806
Tel: +65 6225 5257
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kim Joo Guan


  1. Bak Kwa Traditional Pork Slice has been my favourite ever since I’m small! I hope this year I can be sharing Kim Joo Guan’s new year gift with my family, relatives & guest! !

    Thank you.

  2. Liked and shared , here to comment ^^

    I have seen and heard of this brand before but have never tried it.
    Seeing from your post that the bak kwa isn’t that oily and doesn’t gets too dried up after a few days seem to entice me to try it and to recommend my family to try it since due to certain health issues they can’t have something too oily~

    Hope to win the vouchers 🙂

  3. My favourite CYN food, and this is one of the best shop that sell traditional bak kwa.
    Is always hard to stop eating it when u start.

  4. The Gold coins pork slices looks awesome and would definitely be a big hit among the children as well! The edges will be slightly charred and crispy :D! It is my favorite product!

  5. Liked n shared! Wanna win bak kwa for my family this new year as every year we don’t buy as it’s too expensive: ( hope to win it!

  6. The Kim Joo Guan Signature bak kwa has always been my favourite until last year last year i bought some at Changi airport and it wasn’t nice. Hope it will be a good experience this round!

  7. My favourite is the spicy prawn roll .. they are so yummy, crispy and so addictive that you cannot stop at just one piece 🙂

  8. Kim Joo Guan is the best of all ! My favourite product from Kim Joo Guan is their signature bak kwa! I love it so much that it is an essential item during chinese new year that I need to buy! Therefore I hope i can win this $88 Product Vouchers! Thanks!

  9. Have yet to try this brand of Bak Kwa yet. But definitely would love to give their traditional signature Bak Kwa slices a try. They look so mosit & tasty!!! Great for sharing with my family. Yummmmmy 😀

  10. Wow these Kim Joo Guan bak kwa look so juicy and succulent and I would love to be able to enjoy them with my family during Chinese New Year!

  11. My Favourite product from Kim Joo Guan is their traditional pork slice. It is a must have for Chinese New Year.. Each bite is savoury and delightful taste of goodness which you cannot get enough of..hope to win this and share this delicacy with friends and family ☆★☆

  12. My Favourite product from Kim Joo Guan is their traditional pork slice. Love to eat Bak kwa since I had my first bite on it. Never failed to buy 2 packet for cny . One for myself and the other for my mum. She too loves to eat Bak Kwa

  13. My favourite product from KJG is definitely their traditional pork slice!
    I discovered this brand by serendipity 3 years ago and my whole family love the thickness, texture and taste of KJG

  14. Our family fave brand Kim Joo Guan. We had tasted all. And myself top fave is HOT spicy slice pork bak kwa. We nvr wait for CNY comes then buy. We will buy as and when that we wants to eat. I like that traditional packaging. Though not much of ads n change but we just like it. That''s thumbs up!

  15. That’s the Bak Kwa that will melt your taste buds and it’s flavour lingers on in your senses hour after… making you wanting for more!

  16. Our fave brand for bak kwa all these years, compare with other brands kim joo guan bak kwa taste much more tender n juicy, unlike other brands during cny the bak kwa hard like 石头,dont waste money n time to q n buy from other brands, kim joo guan
    is the best.

  17. Too many favourites to name from Kim Joo Guan. My most favourite product from Kim Joo Guan is their traditional pork slice. It is a must have for Chinese New Year. Hope to win this for my parents & family!


  18. Me & my little one like Kim Joo Guan's Gold Coin Pork Slice. It's perfectly BBQ to the right stage and the right size to enjoy the yumminess. Our all time favourite Bak Kwa !!!

  19. Liked, Liked, Liked & Shared

    Makes a good snack by burgering the Bak Kwa between two thick slices of soft white bread~ Heavenly~

  20. My favourite product from Kim Joo Guan is their traditional pork slice. Been ordering from them for CNY for the past few years and recommended to my colleagues who love it too.

  21. Their traditional pork slice is my favourite. It is is so nice that I brought it up to Everest Base Camp in Dec 2014. Its heavenly fragrance lingers in the mouth after every bite, even at above 5000m. It is a pleasure to enjoy top-notch bak kwa near the top of the world.

  22. Traditional pork slice It’s tasty, thick and moist, nicely charred on the edges, not overly oily like what you say is right!!! its so comfortable to eat it because its unstoppable!! dont like some brand which is too dry or too thin eat already not shiok! Happy Chinese New Year in advance to all DanielFoodDiary fans <3 hope we are have a huat huat year and thanks daniel for the awesome giveaway for the fans! 🙂

  23. My favourite product from Kim Joo Guan is their traditional signature bak kwa, pork slice ! 🙂 Its taste is so savoury that my whole family loves eating it , and it matches with any food ! Be it breakfast, tea break or even a creative dish with this ! A goodness that will not be enough for all of us ! And hope to welcome this year CNY with this wonderful savoury food 🙂

  24. My family love traditional pork slice from Kim Joe Guan ! Best ,Delicious and yummy will always support you and have recommended to my friends and relatives.
    Is a must to have during Chinese New year ! Everybody Huat Ah 🙂
    All done . Liked and shared pages and this post with friends and family 🙂

  25. I love premium pork belly! It taste so good that I can forgo going to KL to get my fix on pork belly bak kwa! I can enjoy the same euphoria in the comfort of my home together with my family and friends! 🙂

  26. Hi i've not tried Kim Joo Guan Bak Kwa and delicacy. ..Hope to win this and share this delicacy with friends and family ☆★☆

  27. I like pork floss! It's a definite must have in my kitchen. My best companion for porridge and egg mayo. No frills and that's what I like!

  28. Chilli Pork Floss is my favourite product from Kim Joo Guan! Crispy, Chewy and Tasty. Liked KIM JOO GUAN BBQ SLICED PORK and Daniel's Food Diary Facebook page. Liked and Shared post with Jo Chua Cecilia Chng Owen Toh

  29. My favourite product from Kim Joo Guan is their Original signature BAK KWA ! It is not that sweet, but always sweet in my mouth when I chew , and melts my heart because Kim Joo Guan's Bak Kwa is the best BAK KWA I have ever tried!

  30. wow, I am looking forward to receiving 'huat' ($88 double huat) fm you,to enjoying bak kwa fm one of my fave stores. I love their signature original bak kwa!

  31. I love their traditional pork slice and have been buying from them for many years now, even at their old Woodlands address! Super yummy bak kwa! <3 ;D

  32. My favourite from Kim Joo Guan is the premium pork belly aka bacon or 经典!i like how its not mince meat but slices of real visible meat and that you can also shred it to eat. Its not in big slices where one will feel too sinful eating too much. (Anyway, i still eat lots of it especially during CNY. YOLO) hope to win this so that i will have more bak kwa to eat and share with my family when they visit. 😀 yum~

  33. I have not tried KJG bwa kwa before and I would like to win this contest to share it with my friends and family during this CNY

  34. liked and shared =D definitely the gold coin pork slice, it's so hearty and bite size~ perfect snacks during cny where you dont have to cut up the square cubes, they are more tender compare to the tougher square cut types` yums!

  35. liked and shared! i love the premium pork belly because it is just so tasty and succulent. chinese version of bacon! it’s just amazing how food can spread around so many different races and countries but ultimately they taste mama mia delicious all the same!

  36. Gold Coin Pork Slice is my favourite. The bite-sized circles to resemble coins, thus it is a very auspicious snack. The coin shaped pork bakkwa pieces is grilled to perfection, fragrant, moist and tender.

  37. Bak Kwa – The barbeque pork slice!
    I fall in love with this bak kwa straight away when my aunt bought for us one occassion. its so juicy, tender and the taste is just right. really yums!

  38. I love their bak kwa and pork floss! Simply great when eating chinese new year as well as on normal days when i can simply just eat it with porridge 🙂

  39. Oh my! Favourite time of the year to indulge in yummy CNY delicacies. Bak Gwa is A MUST!! Hopefully I can win this & give Joo Guan a try. If its awesome, they earn a loyal customer! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear some good news! *dong dong chiang*


  40. I love bak kwa! It’s a must-have for my family at every CNY! All these pictures of delicious Kim Joo Guan bak kwa is making me drool!!! :)~~~

  41. My favourite is traditional pork slice because each piece s handmade with sliced meat and not minced which taste better and easier for elderly customers to chew.

  42. Kim Joo Guan Bak Kwa is our Family all time favourite Finger Food!!
    Especially my dad, he like to eat Bak Kwa, while watching Drama.
    And I like to use Bak Kwa to make sandwiches.
    Sometimes, I even use Bak Kwa to fried Rice.

  43. Kim Joo Guan Traditional Pork Slice Bak Kwa is our Family all time favourite Finger Food!!
    Especially my dad, he like to eat Bak Kwa, while watching Drama.
    And I like to use Bak Kwa to make sandwiches.
    Sometimes, I even use Bak Kwa to fried Rice.

  44. My favourite product from Kim Joo Guan would be their Bak Kwa, can be eaten with bread, better with a bowl of piping hot teochew muay or best eaten on its own!

  45. Kim Joo Guan Traditional Pork Slice Bak Kwa is my family must-have CNY treats. Children loves them at sight and adults salivate just by looking at the tender and chewy pork slices.

  46. I simply love the traditional bak gua slice that goes well with white bread slices. Esp when left for some time, the bread just sucks in the oil making it yum yum

  47. Of course traditional pork slices because it’s our perennial favourite since young. I am proud to say that our childhood days are always fill with happy memories eating bakkwa from Kim Joo Guan, be it present or future, our love for this yummy and irresistible bakkwa for our daily munch, festive or even as a gifts to friends will never change nor waver. Thanks Kim Joo Guan for always being able to satisfy our craving with your passion and sincerity in making the best Bakkwa.


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