We describe a remote place as “where bird do not lay eggs” and (sorry) Bucktile St. Café may fit that bill, but I made it there anyway. Primary for its blue velvet cake. Finally someone has introduced the cake in Singapore.

The name of their cafe “Buck Tile St.” is an anagram derived from Bucket List. There is a small corner at this café where customers can pin up their list.

The owners also hope that Bucktile St. Café can be one of the places to visit in everyone’s bucket list. I am glad I have ticked this off.

“We stay in Hougang, but we love to work here…” The cashier went on to talk about how lovely the environment was, and therefore didn’t mind the travel. (Bucktile St. Boss, this staff is a keeper.)

Actually it was indeed lovely. The café has a rather huge space, with two dining areas, suitable for small events.

There was a section where products was placed for sale, from accessories, ornaments, food products like fruit and peanut butter jam. Nothing surprises me too much now.

Their Blue Velvet Cake ($6.90 per slice) while full of colourings, did not disappoint – soft, fluffy, not too dry, not too sweet, rather delightful.

The menu wrote that there could be orange, green and yellow versions.

The newly introduced Blue Velvet Waffles is a show-stopper. Yes, Blue. The colour and dessert that “Sadness” from Inside Out will find some joy in.

The other photogenic cake (more instagrammable on the outside than inside) was the Strawberry Cheese Cake ($6.90), also a winner in its texture, with smooth velvety cream cheese.

Congratulations. The cakes actually both look and taste good.

Coffee beans & machine are from Toby’s Estate, with selection of sandwiches ice-cream, waffles & tiramisu which come in mini-flower pots.

While I had tough luck with dry sandwiches in many other cafes, Bucktile St. Café’s Bacon N Ham Croissant ($10.90) was a surprise as well. Crisp on the outer, generous with ingredients complimented by tasty thick cut fries.

The pretty secluded café did have the luxury of small space, thus students could be spotted studying and some young adults (the creative looking types) were holding meetings.

Finding my way back home was a challenge. Fortunately, I was blessed enough to hail a cab somehow, and the taxi uncle exclaimed, “So ulu you still manage to find taxi. Very heng you know.” I totally agree.

Directions to Bucktile St. Café
1) Alight at Clementi MRT Station and take bus 154 at the bus stop in front of Clementi Mall.
2) Alight at The Infiniti(a condo) which is the fourth stop.
3) Cross the overhead bridge
4) Turn left and walk straight along the pathway
5) Turn left into Faber Drive

Buck Tile St. Café
104 Faber Drive Singapore 129412
Tel: +65 65667058
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Mon-Tues, Thurs-Sun), Closed Wed

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