Renowned for its premium grilled Wagyu Beef and value-for-money buffets, Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant offers an authentic Japanese yakiniku experience.

At Tenkaichi’s Deluxe and Premium Yakiniku Buffets, you get free flow of Wagyu beef sourced from different parts of the world: Kagoshima, Hokkaido, US, and Australia.

It offers high-quality premium Japan Kagoshima Wagyu, and you can be assured that the Wagyu is graded no less than a marbling score of 7+.

Aside from the famed Kagoshima and Hokkaido Wagyu, it offers a range of sashimi (octopus, tuna, sea bream, salmon, yellowtail, mackerel, Wagyu beef), beef (ox tongue, beef belly, striploin), pork (cheek fillet, smoked belly, collar, loin, belly), chicken (boneless leg, wing), seafood (local spicy fish cake, salmon, prawn, squid, capelin fish, sea bream, mackerel).

Go for the Premium Buffet with Wagyu Beef to also enjoy premium seafood like Hokkaido Jumbo Oyster, Giant Scallop, and White Tuna.

It also includes the famed Kuro Buta Kaburi (Black Pork Belly) known for its tenderness, Lamb Nakaochi (lamb intercostal), and special cuts of Wagyu (ox tongue, short rib, beef rib intercostal, beef rib eye cap, and mixed beef & pork patty).

Good news if you are near town: Tenkaichi has just opened a new outlet at Orchard Cineleisure.

The Deluxe BBQ Buffet includes free flow sashimi, premium beef, pork (pork belly, loin, collar and even cheek fillet), seafood such as prawn.

The Premium BBQ Buffet’s highlight is the offering of Wagyu Tataki, Karubi (short rib), Rosu (rib eye cap), Yukke (marinated wagyu beef), Ox Tongue, Hotate and Sashimi.

What I liked about it was the items are served to you ala-carte style in small dishes, so you can dine in comfort, and the group is able to try quite a sizable variety.

I particularly enjoyed the freshness of the Wagyu Karubi and Ton Toro.

While the pork cheek fillet could be slightly tough (so note not to overcook the slices), they were evenly marinated and tasty.

Fortunately, the restaurant did not go over on the seasoning so you can still taste the naturalness of the meats.

And the wagyu are only sliced when an order is placed.

The Wagyu Beef Yukke came with an egg yolk.

Yes, you have it raw, and mixed, and surprisingly was more delicious than disgusting – you just need to get across any possible psychological barrier.

Tenkaichi’s owner and head chef was once from Japan’s high-end Yakiniku restaurant Jojoen at Roppongi, and eventually stepped out to helm his own.

On the other side of the restaurant is a cooked food section where you can gather items of Japanese fried rice and noodles, sushi, tempura, soba noodles and cooked meat dishes to complement the BBQ food.

The food could have turned cold later in the day because they were placed directly under the air-con, but rest assured they are all freshly prepared daily.

To be truthful, I had my reservations about Tenkaichi initially as it is relatively “unknown” and not that full during dinner times.

If you are willing to look beyond that, the type, variety and quality of foods provided can be well-worth the money.

It is not all the time you can get buffet with wagyu at that price, with a guarantee.

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Deluxe Buffet
Free flow Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream & drinks
Mondays to Thursdays
$83.20 nett for 2 adults

Premium Buffet
Free flow Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream & drinks
Mondays to Thursdays
$147.40 nett for 2 adults

Deluxe Buffet
Free flow Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream & drinks
Fridays to Sundays
$89.62 nett for 2 adults

Premium Buffet
Free flow Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream & drinks
Fridays to Sundays
$153.82 nett for 2 adults

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Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant
Marina Square #03-129 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 10.00pm (Mon – Fri)
11:30am – 10:00pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Cineleisure Orchard #02-11, 8 Grange Road, Singapore 239695
Opening Hours: 12.00pm – 3.00pm, 5.00pm – 10.00pm (Mon – Thurs)
12:00pm – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 11:00pm (Fri, Eve of PH)
12.00pm – 11.00pm (Sat)
12.00pm – 10.00pm (Sun, PH)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Tenkaichi.


  1. liked and shared ! Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves Wagyu Beef Yukke !! hope to win the treat with my love because we are a
    favourite fan of Jap BBQ ! YUM YUM !! i love Tenkaichi because they are awesome place
    for chill out.. Tenkaichi can give me an abundance of joy by
    ending my day with a good meal as it will somehow brighten my spirit on the following working day because eating nice and awesome food makes a glutton like
    me happy. Moreover i love the dinning ambiance at and chilling and great for gathering for a catch up ! Food is my
    motivation for everything which cheers me up. Hope to win it for my date
    because my bf and i love eating and our dates are always ended up on food hunt !!
    ! 😉 😉 😉 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !

  2. Wagyu Beef Yukke !!

    Hope to win the treat with my elder brother because he had change a new job!! hope to win this and give him a treat to celebrate with him 🙂 we love beef!! but we had never try Wagyu Beef before!!

    Thanks Daniel’s Food Diary for holding a awesome giveaway!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in advance to you and all your readers <3

    Facebook Name: Kok Hui Or

  3. Hi Daniel,

    The one dish that Tenkaichi Japanese Restaurant serves is Wagyu Tataki. Hope to win this giveaway so I can bring my bf that is currently suffering from food poisoning to eat some good food when he recover. It pains my heart when he had vomited more than 10 times and have to be admitted to hospital. I really hope winning this will cheers him up as he always love to feast on beef. Lastly, Merry Xmas to you Daniel! 😀

    Teo Siew Chin

  4. I saw one of the things i dun mind having unlimited supply of… Scallops .. soft bouncy white bites of the sea !

    And of course wagyu beef.. Your pictures are making me hungry !

  5. Wagyu Beef Yukke! Slurps ;d Have Liked both Tenkaichi & Daniel's Food Diary long before this promo as well. Will go try regardless of the giveaway 😛

  6. Tenkaichi offers ‘The Best of Japan’ BBQ Ala-Carte Premium Buffet with wagyu from $64.80++! If you find a similar buffet elsewhere for a lesser price, they will be giving you a discount.

  7. Liked & Shared the post! Thanks for organising this giveaway to reward your loyal readers. It takes a lot of dedication to keep this passion going and your posts are incredible. The edifying support is a testament to your endearing efforts to promote food and I always turn to your blog to get inspiration on where to go when I plan gatherings!

    I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and the premium Wagyu beef, especially beef yukke, looks exceptionally inviting. I really hope to win this giveaway and nothing beats premium and top, fine-quality beef to celebrate this Christmas with my loved one. Thanks for organising this giveaway and have a great year ahead.

  8. The Waygu Beef Yukke looks too good to not have have it!
    Would love to enjoy such yummy food with my partner after a hectic year and what more, both our birthdays are round the corner soon too! (:

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