Couple going to get married should just take a walk down Tanjong Pagar Road. Choose your wedding gowns, bond over Korean BBQ, then take photos in a studio, and you may also find an ice cream café within the photography shop.

5 The Moments, a film photography café is testimonial to excellent use of space and resources – a portion of space is sublet. Their photography works are partially displayed, mostly mood shots, along with travel portfolios portraying romance and freedom.

The name is a play on “Find The Moments”.

Our first visit to the artistic looking café was not that promising though. We waited at the door for the café to open at 12pm. Finally did at 12:10pm.

There was NO COFFEE. No coffee beans left at a café. Though I must qualify, that was not the first time I experienced such an incident in a local café.

My friends and I decided to return again and had a much more pleasant experience. We liked the grey meets turquoise green accents, vintage décor, except some of the foldable metallic chairs looked pretty uncomfortable to sit for long.

After being to sooooo many ice cream cafes, I was presumably on a lookout for more unique flavours.

Ebony & Ivory flavour! Oh, it was Cookies and Cream (feel cheated). The others included Earl Grey, Truffle Chocolate, Tiramisu, Baileys and Brownies, Thai Milk Tea, Lychee Sorbet, Salted Butter Caramel and New York Cheesecake ($4.80 for single scoop, $5.80 for premium, $8.80 for double).

The shop is looking at experimenting often, inspired by a small gelato shop Azzurra Bar Gelateria in Interlaken Switzerland. White Truffle Gelato is in the works.

Ice cream texture was smooth and likeable – not too sweet, rectangular butter waffles has a crisp outer layer, created from a homemade recipe.

I particularly liked the Pistachio, one of the best I had, with a strong nutty flavour and I learnt that the pistachios were air flown from Bronte Sicily. Hazelnut (nuts air flown from Piedmont) and Dark Truffle Chocolate were other two of the recommended.

5 The Moments
73 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088494
Opening Hours: 5pm – 11pm (Mon), 12pm – 11pm (Tues-Thurs), 12p – 1am (Fri-Sat), 12pm – 11pm (Sun)



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