Putien has come a long way from its early days when it was still a zhi char style shop along its original location at Kitchener Road. I must have dined there for more than a decade, and this was actually one of the first restaurants I ever blogged about.

What I really respect about the Putien brand is, many of their Heng Hwa dishes still retain that same homely taste as how it was 10 years ago, except with a more polished presentation and expanded menu.

The Heng Hwa Bee Hoon ($8.90), Lor Mee ($8.90), Mee Sua ($8.90), Stir-fried Yam ($11.90), Bamboo Herbal Prawn ($5.90), and Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees ($12.50) are some of my must-orders since the good old days.

Especially the Heng Hwa Bee Hoon, cooked in pork bones and old hens stock with simple ingredients like peanuts and clams, garnished with strips of seaweed and crunchy peanut.

The extremely thin and translucent tasty bee hoon is milled by hand in Putian, painstakingly dried under the sun by an old couple, which gives it a fluffy springy texture.

I love it with the chilli sauce and a touch of vinegar. So nice.

These are some of the highlights from Putien’s Autumn Seasonal Menu:

Taihu Hairy Crabs ($35.00 for female crab, $45 for male crab)
Some of you may ask: What’s the difference between male and female hair crabs? The males have a sharper “V’ for its bottom, while females have a rounder shape. The females also ripen earlier about October, along with a richer flavour and creamy roe, while males take their prime during November.

My table seated with 3 ladies, all preferred the male crabs because the meat was smoother. Coincidental?

Putien crabs are imported from Taihu Lake, said to produce the meatiest and succulent ones. You can choose to tear the entire crab apart in the following recommended steps, or leave the work to a skilled waitress who would dismantle the crab up like an experienced surgeon.

1. Steamed Hairy Crabs to indulge with vinegar
2. Remove the legs, pincers and crab shell near the navel.
3. Remove the stomach and eat the crab roe surrounding it.
4. Remove and discard the heart from the middle (It’s too ‘cool’ for the body) using a spoon handle.

5. Break the crab body into two. Remove the meat in the direction of the legs.
6. Use the sharp end of the leg (or a chopstick) to push out the leg meat.
7. Crack the pincers and spoon out the meat.
8. Bon appetit!

Other Autumn menu dishes: Sautéed Soybeans ($6.90)
These “September Pearls” are harvested in the beginning of autumn, cooked with a little salt to retain their natural favours. They make an addictive appetizer, especially for those who fancy the Japanese edamame.

Deep Fried Crab Meat Cake ($19.80)
Putien’s specially created crab cakes are made with hairy crab roes, shrimp paste and cabbage deep fried crumbs, are crispy and light. Though I wished there was more meat and juiciness within.

Iced Pear Stew with Yucca Root Paste ($4.90)
The Chinese are one of those categorises food into ‘cool’ and ‘heaty’, a sensation felt but not tasted. This dessert, is cool. You could momentarily imagine falling leaves with a breeze after a spoonful of the yucca root paste.

Putien Restaurant
Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Road, #02-18, Singapore 179103 (City Hall MRT)
Tel: +65 6336 2184
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3pm, last order 2:30pm; 5.30pm-10pm, last order 9.30pm (Mon-Fri)
11:30am – 4:30pm, last order 4pm; 5.30pm-10pm, last order 9.30pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Putien Outlets:
Kitchener Road, Jurong Point, Marina Square, nex, Parkway Parade, Raffles City, Resorts World Sentosa, Tampines Mall, Vivocity

DBS and POSB Card Privileges
DBS and POSB Cardmembers are able to get a complimentary S$10 return voucher with every S$50 spent at Putien. Exclusive set menus are also available from S$48++.

Terms & conditions
– Not valid for American Express Cards.
– Promotion period till 31 Dec 2014
– Refer to the link for more details www.dbs.com.sg/personal/cards/usefulinfo/terms/general-terms.page

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