Japanese dessert Café Saint Marc has a few star items – Choro Cro pastry, Little Fuji and Geisha Waffle Cone. No doubt, I am a fan.

Few would know they opened a restaurant concept with much larger space at Parkland Green, East Coast Parkway. Dining at a Japanese café by the beach sounds like a great weekend activity.

The expanded menu at this bakery & bar included soup, salad, grilled sandwich, pasta, and baked rice.
We as consumers should learn this: Don’t entirely believe what you see on the menu.

While the photo of their Cabonara ($15.80) came in a pan on a wooden board, seemingly tossed with generous ingredients of ham, greens and cheese on side, what was served in the end didn’t quite look equivalent.

When I asked inquisitively, the new waiter politely answered while taken aback, “Sorry, I have never seen our carbonara served like that.”

Nevermind that. Their Carbonara was a decent dish, done the modern Japanese style, using pasta made from semolina durum wheat which had a chewy ‘mochi’ like texture.

Cream base was light, tilted towards cheesy, somewhat reminding me of those I used to have at Waraku.

The Chicken Curry Rice Gratin ($15.80) wasn’t too bad a choice, but could be better. If you like cheese, the rice was covered in a golden brown cheddar layer, while the inner layer pulled and stretched.

Curry base had spicy undertones as contrasted to the familiar sweet Japanese curry type, and was rather dry.

There were a few lapses: The Clam Chowder ($7.80) was watery, water cost a dollar (am fine with paying but thought they should inform customers), and food took too long to come – about 25-35 minutes, considering the restaurant was not that packed.

The East Coast St. Marc may provide a fuller menu, but the experience at other branches was better.

St. Marc Bakery & Bar
Parkland Green @ ECP 920, East Coast Parkway #01-09/10, Singapore 449875
Tel: +65 6342 1786
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Tue – Fri), 9am to 10pm (Sat – Sun), Closed Mon

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  1. Terrible service . Waited half hour for the order and when the waiter serves he spilled the coffee but never return to wipe the table clean. If you can’t get workers to do a proper job turn it into a self serve .


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