Another ice cream café with waffles. Before you dismiss Rabbit Owl Depot as yet another new cafe in Singapore, this ice cream parlor opposite the National Libary has both potential and heart.

Why Rabbit and Owl?

These are actually the owners’ nicknames – ‘Oot-Oot” and ‘Bit-Bit’, that’s what they call each other during courtship. A pair of lovers selling ice cream together already sounds too sweet (or ‘rou ma’). Joseph is the self-proclaimed night-owl, while Alena is the energizer bunny.

Ah, romance in the air.

There were traces of rabbit and owl everywhere in the cafes, from little toys, to some tables looking like cargo containers, to seats with long ‘ears’. Appreciate the look, but with that said, some seats did feel uncomfortable to sit for long.

Their coffee beans are freshly roasted by Bettr Barista and their beans imported from Sumatra and Columbia. Though I wondered if the prices – $6.50 for hot mocha, and $6.90 for iced version, were a dollar too high.

Ice cream flavours come in classic varieties like vanilla and strawberry cheesecake ice cream ($3.90 for single, $6.90 for double) with offers premium types (additional $1) such as black sesame, pistachio, dark chocolate and coconut.

I would recommend the Ice Cream Platter ($9.00) for a set of 3 scoops with crispy lover letters at the side.

What I liked about their ice cream was the texture – smooth, creamery yet not overly, and doesn’t melt too fast on the plate.

The flavours which worked for me was the Coconut which came with some chunky flesh for that bite, and strawberry cheesecake with a lingering taste of cheese.

On the flipside, I did wish it could be at least 20% less sweet, and some flavours such as Pineapple and Rum & Raisin could tilt to being ‘jelak’ after a few bites.

If you are the type who finds the standard round waffles too big and filling for an after meal dessert, Rabbit Owl Depot’s Snow Flake Waffle ($6.50, $9.50 with ice cream) could win your heart over.

The crispy and brown edge of the Snowflake Waffle, spread with smooth ice cream was a delightful combination that could send a smile on a lazy afternoon.

Rabbit Owl Depot
420 North Bridge Road #01-06 Singapore 188727 (Bugis MRT, opp National Library, diagonally opposite Bras Basah Centre)
Tel: +65 63364075
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm Daily

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  1. How this ROD get total 4 star? Is it true?


    1. When my Girlfriend and I came to the cafe counter, no one was there to serve us (the cafe was pretty empty just only few tables occupied by people & including the boss). About 5mins and I pressed the bell twice, There was a staff in the kitchen who did not respond to us. Another 3mins later the boss who was seated at a table busy chatting with someone, came up to us to take our orders without even apologising for the wait.

    2. No serviette was given

    3. Table was uncleared (there was a glass on the table and dirty but no one cleaned it)

    4. Other Guest that came into the cafe were looking for a table but the staff did not help at all.


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