Many “Two”s in Singapore. Two Chefs, Two Wings, Two Blur Guys, Two Face, Two Fat Men, Two Am Dessert Bar, and now a Two Men Bagel House.

A bagel style cafe in Singapore. How, can survive? I remember years ago bagels were quite IN (you may be too young to remember), but they came and left like the wind.

The two men – buddies pals Jerome Lam and Jereborne Lam who were break-dancing friends since teenagers, saw the bagel craze in other countries and believed it would take off in Singapore.

Jerome, who is Shatec-trained and previously worked at Les Amis and Pollen, experimented and refined the recipe since last year. Jereborne is likely to be the more media-saavy guy who went in an Aussie twang “How ya doing?” as customers walk past.

The owners feel that there is a gap and barrier as bagel is not a common item here, and some locals may not even know how to pronounce the word bagel correctly. (It’s ‘bay-gle’ by the way).

For those unaware, a bagel is a bread product, first boiled and then baked, resulting in a dense, chewy, doughy interior, with a donut-like exterior.

The freshly baked variety at Two Men include Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese ($3.60), Plain Bagel with Clover Honey ($4.90), and some savouries like the Rodeo with roasted beef, caramelised onions, and greens ($12.90).

Oriole Coffee is served, though they only offer Long Black ($4.00) and Flat White ($5.00).

The Lox ($11.90) was a delicious choice – crispy crusted bagel with chewy doughy texture, topped with smoked salmon (not too salty, light cream cheese capers and onions. Part of this feels like a burger, except with a much healthier slant.

Many cafes serve soup as a ‘by the way’ product, and I wasn’t expecting much here. But the bowl of Smoked Tomatoes with Mozzarella Pesto ($3.90) almost blew us away with its fresh simplicity.

The challenges now would be to get bagels noted again by customers, and for people to actually find this place. It is at a spot of Icon Village’s extension that would require some finding.

May bagels regain its glory again, and you may prefer them over a donut.

TwoMen Bagel House
No 16. Enggor St. Icon Village Altez (new extension) #01-12 Singapore 079717 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 65094125
Opening Hours: 8am-8pm (Mon-Fri), 8am-6pm (Sat-Sun)

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