No ramen shop in Singapore can escape my sight, as I go in search for the “Best Ramen in Singapore”. Kanshoku while being new, has captured quite a bit of lunchtime crowd at Metropolis who sang praises of their noodles. (Read: 10 New Ramen Places In Singapore)

“One of the best ramen I’ve had,” as some would say. Seriously?

Kanshoku means ‘to finish eating every last bit of your food’ in Japanese, and a true test of their quality would be that customers would finish the entire bowl, without the craving for water to quench the thirst.

First things first. Metropolis is relatively easier to find, compared to other ‘polis’, right opposite Buona Vista MRT and The Star.

Kanshoku is a local brand, with owner Melvin Ang spending a couple of months both locally and overseas with different ramen chefs to learn and master the art of Ramen making. That includes cooking the broth, making the noodles, perfecting the eggs and understanding the different versions of ramen.

Their Hakata style thin straight noodles are made fresh daily. Broth is boiled with filtered water over 7 hours with no added MSG, preservatives or flavour enhancers.

The three basic mains are Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.90), Shoyu Ramen ($12.90) and Spicy Tonkotsu ($13.90) – all topped with charshu or pork belly. Ajitama egg cost an additional $2.00.

Top score goes to their Charshu, big rounded slice that melts almost like butter in the mouth, as you can feel the slippery fats lingering around.

The Ajimata egg also deserves a special mention, flavourful on its white, oozing with yolk. Almost the perfect one.

I liked the broth too, milky, not overly salty and quite umami. It could be hotter though, as some ramen broths can stay warm even if you leave it there for a while.

The spicy broth, on the other hand, was the main pitfall as it tasted clashing with the original soup base. Gyozas were also a let-down.

If I need to nit-pick, noodles could be springier. Though Melvin did say it used to be harder, but local customers preferred a softer texture. Well, the only solution would be to provide options.

No Michelin star, or some award-winning chef’s backing, but Kanshoku Ramen is easily one of the best new ramen openings in 2014. is already on its way of looking for its second store. Gambatte ne!

Kanshoku Ramen
9 North Buona Vista Drive #01-18 The Metropolis Singapore 138588 (Buona Vista MRT)
Tel: +65 66844033
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon-Fri)

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