[Updated Sep 2015] Les Patisseries has moved out of Toa Payoh, and has found a new home Upper Thomson Road. It is undergoing renovations, anticipated to open in October.

[Original Entry] The truth is, the new cafes in Singapore are becoming a mixed bag, some being replicas of already existing success stories. But I usually have a greater liking for cafes which create and bake their own items. So I search.

Les Patisseries at Toa Payoh Central is adding that one bright spark. I won’t deny that little bakery cafes situated within housing estates steal my heart for being the underdogs, The Bakery Chef at Bt Merah was one of the those, this is going to be the next.

The 3 owners may be young but no novices. Jeremiah, Louis and Kenny, all in their mid-20s, graduated from culinary schools At-Sunrise and Shatec, had some prior experience in different F&B businesses and finally came together.

They saw the lack of a café in Toa Payoh Central itself, and opened Les Patisseries, which basically means pastries in French.

The menu itself did not look too inventive at first glance, the usual French Pastries, Waffles (again, help!), Eggs Ben ($11.90), Truffle Fries ($8.50), Pasta such as Carbonara (11.90), and Truffle Baked Mushroom Pasta ($9.90).

But, but, but… after I took a first mouthful of their freshly baked Croissant ($2.80), I emphasize ‘freshly baked’, I was almost blown away.

Smaller in size than usual, and was crisp, flaky and airy, that a knife across would give a crackling sauce. Light and delightful. Could even be the best croissant I tried so far this year.

All food and pastries served are homemade and prepared daily. Their cakes, while a dollar or two more than what I would have expected to pay, were layered in taste, definite, and impressionable.

The L’Rocky ($7.00), looking like an over-sized half rocher, is a delectable amalgamation of chocolate almond nibs, chocolate mousse, and sacher sponge. May sound overly chocolate, but it doesn’t overpower.

Another treat, a Dulcey Hazelnut Tart ($7.00) would delight caramel lovers with caramel hazelnut and melted dulcey ganach in a firm baked tart shell. One of the best around.

Coffee is from Bangkok-based Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters (Oz Specialty Coffee probably uses the same). Smooth yet bold, with nutty notes of roasted nuts, chocolates, butterscotch and caramel. I like.

I am one who believes that a café which pays attention to the music has a quarter of the battle won. Congratulations to Les Pattisserie for winning this battle too.

Les Patisseries
222 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574354
Phone: +65 9744 0504
Opening Hours: 11am – 11:30pm (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 1:30am (Fri), 9am – 1:30am (Sat), 9am – 11:30pm (Sun)

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  1. We were overjoyed by Les Patisseries at first but that soon turned to horror… You see, their food is ok… but we live just two floors above them… and on many Friday and Saturday nights, they showed us NO MERCY. Our building has a coffee shop and in 10 years of living here, even thought it serves alcohol, it causes us no social problems. In less than two months,with no alcohol served, Les Patisseries breaks local by-laws by putting in double or more the number of outdoor seats… and the resulting rowdy night crowd screams and hollers well past 10:00pm… making it impossible to sleep or watch TV even with all windows closed… We told them about the problem in October, but by early December, we and several other neighbours were forced to call the police on them. Even after we reported it to HDB’s commercial unit, they were caught using an NTUC supermarket shopping cart to store restaurant garbage… this afternoon, we took a pic of the front of their restaurant… it clearly had more than the 3 outdoor tables allowed by law… the pic has been passed on to HDB… getting ready for another Friday night of rowdy outdoor customers? Don’t care if you disturb the whole neighbourhood again ???

    • Me and my two daughters are regulars at les patisseries cafe. They served great pastries and good food, owners were really nice and friendly as well! It’s really good to see cafes opening up around neighbourhoods especially since toa payoh is the heartland of Singapore. Perhaps youngsters who hang out late at night tend to make more noise, I believe if you talk to the owners they will gladly control the crowd as time goes by. Anyway good news for you Eric! We were there just 2 days ago and there were only 3 tables outdoor. I would be delighted if my housing estate had a cafe like les patisseries, how convenient would that be 🙂


  2. Just visited this Cafe. Great ambiance, great staff, very friendly, made me and my girl feel so welcome. Great music. Wasnt too rowdy, visited around 9pm and it was a very calm and peaceful scene. Read the comment/review above and thought it would be noisy, but it was the total opposite. Perhaps the issue has already been solved by the staff.

    Anyway, will come back again! Thanks for making it a special night!

  3. I was a Les Patisseries customer. In fact –I probably was their very first customer on opening day. But we live a few floors above them. Within two months, they lost my patronage when they and their guests repeatedly behaved in a rowdy manner that made it impossible to watch TV with the windows closed, let alone sleep. Even when we told them this, they made no effort to control themselves, just ignored us and carried on being rowdy up to 11pm.

    We repeatedly reported these and other problems to HDB, Town Council and police before they finally stopped. Tonight, one year after they opened, they again sat down and behaved in a rowdy way. I no longer remember what their food tastes like, but this is our experience of them as human beings: Terrible. The worst people to have as your neighbors.
    For this reason, we will never reccomend them to anybody. –We were fans, until they treated us with total contempt


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