Drinking vinegar may sound to be the strangest thing for some, but consumers in Japan, Taiwan and Korean have already embraced fruit-infused vinegars – taken between meals, after meals, added to food, or simply diluted in take-along bottled waters.

This is especially so for Japan. Vinegar is not a stranger to Japanese cuisines, commonly added to sushi, mixed in short-grained rice, and as dressings in cold dishes and salads.

Most are convinced of its health-benefits, from aiding digesting, relieving fatigue, lower blood pressure, improving complexion to aiding weight loss (supposedly drinking vinegar while eating makes a person feel fuller and curbs excessive eating),

How to ‘Drink’ Vinegar?
I received some boxes of fruit vinegar from online store Sin Yee which is the sole distributor for Taiwanese brand Vinegar Bucket, with 3 available flavours of Pineapple Fruit, Apple Honey and Plum Vinegar.

The fruit vinegar is available in convenient sachets of 10 in a box.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to do with them initially, as fruit vinegar didn’t immediately appeal to me. But after some online searches, I am intrigued by the many potential health benefits it has.

There are some ways you can drink the fruit vinegar:
– Sip the original vinegar, though I recommend do it slowly as you may not be accustomed to the taste.
– Dilute with water. Recommended to be water below 55 degree to avoid nutrients from being destroyed by high temperature.
– Add to iced drinks such as iced honey or fruit juices.
– Add as dipping sauces or dressings to salads
– Make “yoghurt drinks” by adding milk to the fruit vinegar

What I do is to add a sachet into a mineral water bottle and carry them around. It’s more convenient, and adds some taste to plain water. My favourite flavour is the Pineapple Fruit. Maybe it’s psychological, but it feels sweeter.

You can pair them with food as well. The sour appetizing taste of the vinegar would suit food such as roasted meats, fried stuff and even seafood like oysters, as it gets rid of greasy or fishy taste.

For desserts, the fruit vinegar would go well with cakes that are too sweet, and helps balances out if the taste is too rich and heavy.

Possible Health Benefits of Drinking Vinegar
According to a study published in 2005 in the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, drinking vinegar with food may help you feel fuller longer. Plus adding vinegar can help reduce spikes in blood sugar if you take it with high-carbohydrate foods.

Some drinkers say that drinking fruit vinegars help them recover from work fatigue, improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. There appears to be some effect with in improving skin complexion. (But I am qualify I am not a doctor so do consult a professional if you have any health concerns.)

Taiwan Vinegar Bucket 醋桶子
Vinegar Bucket 醋桶子 is a market leader in the Taiwan fruit vinegar industry, and consumer’s preferred choice for vinegar products. They are known to develop quality products that are healthy, natural and safe for consumption, and their products have passed 273 stringent food safety tests.

If you would like to give it a try, their fruit vinegar is now available via Sin Yee Singapore online.

Product details: 10 sachets per box, suitable for vegetarian, expiry 1-year from date of manufacture
Flavours available: Pineapple Fruit, Apple Honey and Plum Vinegar.
Email: marketing@sgsinyee.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sgsinyee
Website: http://sgsinyee.com

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*This entry is brought to you in partnership with Sin Yee LLP.


  1. The pineapple fruit flavour is my absolute favourite! Slightly tangy and sweet the vinegar taste fresh and delicious at the same time! Absolutely refreshing and delicious, providing me with my burst of health for the day!

  2. I think Apple Honey would be good as the sweetness from apples can probably strike a balance with the sourness from the vinegar. Pairing the fruit vinegar with ice water will give rise to a refreshing drink (:

  3. Vinegar has a lot of health benefits. Now it comes with various fruit flavours and that is great. I like Plum vinegar for it fantastic taste!

  4. I’ve never tried these flavours but I reckon pineapple would definitely be one of my favourite flavours of the lot!! Hoping to get a chance to try this out!!
    Liked and Shared 🙂

  5. I simply love e combination of Apple Honey Vinegar, bringing out the sweetness yet I can somehow taste e sour of e Vinegar, its superbly good for our body too! Hope to introduce this awesome beverage to my family for health benefits 😉

  6. I will choose apple honey vinegar,as i prefer the taste. Not only that it clear out our bad toxic & this can help us stay healthy & lively.A drink for every women who want to stay pretty & lose of weight.

  7. I love Plum as it simply perks me up after a long day and it is heavenly and refreshing especially in a hot day, it quench my thirst too

  8. My favourite vinegar is the Apple Honey Vinegar because it taste so much nice and yummy, and my whole family love it, with it that it helps us to keep our stomach healthy and good for it when we eat unhealthy food ! Its something that can help us keep good for our body and health benefits for all <3


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