[Updated April 2015] The cafe has been taken over by Renfred’s brother Alfred.

[Original Entry] Campus Superstar Alumni Renfred Ng 黄业伦 has went from singing to ice cream making, now the owner behind The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee at Tanglin Halt.

He reminds me how time just flies, from a 16 year boy in a singing contest, to having some bit-parts on MediaCorp, now all grown up complete with a lean probably-goes-to-gym-often look. He is currently signed as a celebrity blogger under the Influencer Network.

Customers may venture all the way to Commonwealth to ogle at the hot (or is it cool) ice cream boss. But Renfred proves that he is not just a pretty face, but pulls quite a nifty cup of coffee after clearing his advanced barista assessment.

He is the ONLY barista at the moment, so he SHOULD be there (unless a friend stands in).

First sip of the cup… the taste unlike any others in the market. Thankfully. Brewed from a blend of beans from Brazil, Sumatra and Guatemala, the cup is pleasantly not that acidic, with an obvious nutty aftertaste.

Several ice cream flavours are available, $3.80 for regular scoop, $4.50 for premium. Of those I tried, the more workable ones would be Sicilian Pistachio, Stracciatella (with chocolate strips), and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Homemade inhouse, skills acquired from an “Italian gelato master in Singapore”. Sounds like the same one every cafe learns from.

The scoops had a creamy smooth texture, dense enough, but could edge towards being too sweet. Overall promising.

The Salted Caramel was regrettably over ‘caramel-ly’ that I couldn’t go beyond two spoons. (Have feedback to boss, and I believe he is working some tweaks.)

Waffles ($5.00, add $3 for 1 scoop of regular ice cream) come in half and half, crisp on the outside and fluffy enough. Too many waffle shops in the market. But at least The Milky Way presented theirs in a different way from all the rest, and I personally find the portion more manageable.

So whether you crave for creamy ice cream, or gaze at ‘ice cream’, The Milky Way at Tanglin Halt may take you on this voyage.

The Milky Way Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee (Tanglin Halt)
Blk 48 Tanglin Halt Road Singapore 142048 (Commonwealth MRT)
Opening Hours: 1pm to 10pm (Sun-Mon, Wed-Thurs), 1pm-1am (Fri-Sat), Closed Tues, except PH

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  1. Come to Beans & Cream in Bukit Batok West (Walking distances from Bukit Gombak MRT Station). Their Earl Grey Ice Cream is my top favourite!! 🙂


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