Modern Thai Cafeteria Café Pal at Middle Road is most known for their Thai Iced Tea. There are few trusted places which sell my favourite Cha Yen, many of which are too diluted or icy. Then have the boldness to sell it for $3-$5, or more.

Many students from nearby art schools come packing Café Pal’s Cha Yen in bottles ($3), brewed from the familiar Thai Number One Brand. You can include add ons such as pearls, sago, aloe vera and homemade grass jelly made from scratch for 50 cents extra.

The only thing I did not understand was that the dine-in cup (with 2 toppings) was a whopping $5.80. Considering yes, it was a taller glass, but not that much bigger. I wanted mine without toppings, and that would still cost almost twice the take-away bottle.

Café Pal’s Ice Milk Tea was a version quite unlike others – rather milky, not too sweet, without that deep bitter aftertaste of Ceylon tea. I must say I quite liked it, and would easily choose to ‘ta-bao’ this bottle quite often.

You may like to know that the owner is the son of ‘Pal’ who owns Ythingthai Palace at Purvis Street (They have been around since 1993!). Thus, you can get a taste of Ythinghtai at wallet-friendlier prices and a casual setting here.

Noodle sets are $12+ with a drink (lemon juice, lime, coffee, English tea NO Thai iced tea), and rice sets priced at $15+.

I would say… I finally found a good bowl of green curry after several failed tries. Café Pal’s take on Gaeng Kiaw Wan scored with its homemade coconut gravy (okay, slightly oily though) with rich creamy taste, authentic ingredients of tender chicken and Thai brinjal accompanied with fragrant Thai jasmine rice. Even the rice was well-cooked.

My friends’ bowls of Beef Vermicelli Soup and Tom Yum with Rice Noodles also scored a thumb’s up, rather close to what you would get in some restaurants in Thailand.

This Modern Thai Cafe may first be over-shadowed by their Iced Thai Bubble Tea, but their food is worth coming back again for.

Café Pal
43 Middle Road #01-00 Singapore 188952 (Bugis MRT)
Tel: +65 6335400
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm

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  1. I accompanied the owner of Thailand's Number One Brand Tea last year for their round of tea tasting and the owner commented that Cafe Pal's version is the closest to what he has created! Congrats!


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