Owner Frederick Chan from CantonSuper originally wanted to sell Korean Fried Chicken wings since he makes a nifty version and K-pop was quite the In-Thing. My advice to him was, “But why not sell something you are more familiar with?”

That was a year ago. The next thing I knew was the birth of CantonSuper, a kiosk at Bukit Panjang Plaza selling popular Hong Kong street food and drinks such as Eggettes, Macau-style Portuguese Egg Tarts, Waffle Sticks, and Dessert Drinks.

The Hong Konger (who is a PR with Singapore now) has spent the last year to and fro Hong Kong to research and perfect his recipes.

For those unfamiliar, the eggette (鷄蛋仔 gai daan jai) is ranked first in a 100 most popular Hong Kong street snack listing, commonly known as “ball waffle” due to its spherical ‘pops’. But you do not find many eggette (鷄蛋仔) stalls here because production is labour intensive.

Good things come to those who wait. CantonSuper produces their eggette on the spot with hot griddles, taking about 5-10 minutes depending on the queue, topped up with flavours of chocolate chip, caramel, red bean and pork floss ($2.20 – $3.40).

This is the taste of Hong Kong. I ordered the original egg ($2.20) and was surprised at how perfectly shaped each sphere was, in the classic golden colour completed with crispy texture.

While the Portuguese Egg Tarts ($1.50 each) are not Honolulu’s standard yet, they are baked fresh on the spot, complete with smooth custardy filling and not-too-flaky outer layer (I like them a little firmer).

The good thing is, the tarts are not too sweet and would please the health-conscious folks craving for an occasional sweet treat.

The main let-down was the Okonomi Mayo Waffle Dog ($2.80), which needs a better and juicier supply of sausage.

In the works are more ‘Hui Lau Shan’ style dessert drinks such as Mango with Honey Jelly ($2.50), and Red Bean Ice ($2.50). From what I tasted, certainly looks promising for better things to come.

#01-43 Bukit Panjang Plaza, 1 Jelebu Road Singapore 677743
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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