“Recommend me the Best Caterer in Singapore”, and yes, I do get that requests quite often. We can agree that finding that right caterer can be the cornerstone of a successful event.

Think about it. We have been invited to dinner parties, office functions, special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Somehow, we almost always remember the event if there is good food. No?

Of course the reverse is also true. How many times have you walked away from catering tables with loads of uneaten food, usually drowned in oil and gravies?

There was a time when char bee hoon, fried rice, and curry chicken kept appearing in catering menus. Not saying these staples are no good, but somehow, sometimes, the food can be too oily and salty.

Now, there is a shift of demand to healthier catered food.

Preparazzi has been known for their gourmet catering and creative canapés, serving a clientele of luxury brands and high-end retailers led by the charismatic Chef Jeremy Nguee.

When the Health Promotion Board came up with the Healthier Dining Programme (HDP), Chef Jeremy found it an advantageous opportunity to partner with them.

The result? Healthy restaurant standard catered food, and ready-to-eat bento boxes about 500 calories.

Asian Family Set
$300 per set, Good for 12-15 persons

This Asian Family Set includes Pork Crackling, Salmon Otak-Otak, Honey Soy Chicken, Yeung Chow Fried Rice, Thai Papaya Salad and Assorted Mini Cup Cakes, or choice of Premium Fruit Platter.

The much-loved dish of this set was expectedly the Pork Crackling. My first reaction when I took my first bite, “Wow, Sio Bak that is not oily!”

There was still this layer of soft tenderness, with a crunchy layer of skin at the side that went “Cccrrrr!” Unlike usual occasions where the meat would be fatty, and lips turned greasy after two bites, Preparazzi’s Sio Bak was indeed healthy-tasting.

Apparently, the fats are totally rendered after being steamed in “flavoured water bath of spices” for hours. Through this special method of steaming, the lean meat remains soft while the top layer of skin retains its crispiness.

My other favourite dish is the Otak Otak, made using high quality salmon, and goodness… NO coconut milk added. Just salmon, eggs, and homemade ‘rempah’ (spice paste).

European Family Set
$350 per set, Good for 12-15 persons

This set includes Beef Bourguignon, Seafood Paella Rice, Roast Chicken, Caesar Salad, Ratatouille and Assorted Mini Cup Cakes or choice of Premium Fruit Platter.

Jeremy proudly discloses, “No added MSG, only olive oil and sunflower oil are used, very little processed food is found, and even sausages are freshly made.”

I also noticed that every dish in the menu came with vegetables added, and was ‘clean’ in presentation without greasy sauces.

The Roast Chicken included generous servings of lettuce and cherry tomatoes, while the Grilled Prawn Skewers had capsicums and onions inserted, making the plates look colourful and appealing too.

These little tweaks to the recipes can encourage people to eat their veggies.

For those organising home parties, rest assured that the food is delivered neatly in a box. That also means you can design your own plating to impress your guests, like what we did to the Caesar Salad
(See the before and after shots!)

Now you know your next catered event, meeting and party can be filled with delicious and healthier gourmet options.

Email: order@preparazzi.sg
Tel: +65 9125 4224 and quote “HPB14” to enjoy discounts.
$100.00 discount with order of 2 or more Fabulous Feast sets (U.P. $300-$350 for 12-15pax, promo valid from Sep-Oct 2014.)

* This post is brought to you by the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Dining Programme. For more information on The Healthier Dining Programme, check out eathealthy.sg


  1. I agree with you, some of these are not healthy or tasty. Me and my family went there a couple of months back. Anyway, does anyone know if they cater chinese food? like peking duck, noodles, dim sum, etc.?

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