Down a few shops from Joo Chiat’s popular Vietnamese restaurant Long Phung is Pho Hanh Delights. The new restaurant was visibly empty, without much décor to speak out, but I wanted to give it a try.

Time to support the underdogs, even though half my heart says “Why not just go Long Phung?”

Pho Hanh Delights used to be Vietnam Food Hanh Delights at Telok Blangah Food Centre, forced to close due to high rentals.

Lady boss cum chef Nguyen Thi Hanh honed her cooking skills in her family’s restaurant in Vietnam, subsequently moved over after marrying a Singaporean husband.

The décor did look sad, with pale-looking food pictures (probably shot with a handphone) colour-photocopied and pasted along the walls. Menu was in a black plastic folder. Not the type of place to come if you are on a first date (or even subsequent dates). This may be a hang-out-with-buddies place.

With that said, the food actually fared much better than expected. Moral of story: Don’t judge a restaurant by its appearance.

The traditional Vietnamese Beef Combo Pho ($7.50) was such an uplifting take after trying so much commercial ones. (Some placed have completely butchered pho.)

Sure, the taste and presentation might not as polished as known restaurants outside. But the stock was light yet full-flavoured. Reasonably priced and included with generous portions of beef slices, brisket and balls. Having this on a rainy day may be your best alternative for comfort pho.

Again, while the stir-fried Kang Kong ($5.00) didn’t look too appealing when presented, the shoots were crunchy, seasoning particularly fragrant and tasty (may be salty for some).

What I noticed that when every dish came, there was a different accompanying sauce, which helped enhance the flavours. Chicken wings which came with a saucer of salt, pepper and pounded chilli padi brought me back to Ho Chi Minh.

Unexpectedly, the Vietnamese dishes at Pho Hanh Delights had a slant of home-cooked goodness and authenticity. You may want to give them a support when you are in the vicinity.

[Closed] Pho Hanh Delights
189 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427480
Tel: +65 9118 8752
Opening Hours: 12pm – 1am

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  1. Nice and patient staff but don’t speak any English, though pointing of food works well. But to be honest, the pho was not good at all. This is a comparison to Long Phung. I recommend sticking to the best at Joo Chiat. I was quite disappointed with the quality.

  2. I’ve been there almost twice per week as I’m staying landed at that area. My family and I loves the food over there. The place feels very cozy as if like your own house. The boss & lady boss there are extremely friendly and nice.

    Good place not to be miss!!!

  3. Agree with chan at the above. . The food is nice to me.. people here are good and helpful.. and ya is the matter of preference only.. even I am staying in jurong I still come here once every 2 weeks..

  4. Myself is a Vietnamese which is working in Singapore, I strongly disagree to Daniel Z comments pertaining to the (Pho was not so good). Does he ever been to Vietnam before or does he know that there is many part of city in ho chi minh . So sad for him

  5. CHEAT/FRAUD: I normally don’t write but this Pho Nam So’n (or Pho Hanh Delights) tried to CHEAT me yesterday.
    I ordered a S$4 young coconut but it tasted a bit odd – then I noticed that most of the flesh inside was MISSING!! I took a photo before complaining. Then, the workers changed it immediately WITHOUT questioning. It was so obvious that it was a SCAM – they had recycled the coconut husk & probably refilled it with some similar tasting thing.
    Btw, the pho was horrible too!!
    (Disclaimer: I do not have an dealings with any of the restaurant staff/boss & don’t own any food outlet in Sg. I still have the receipt & feel like filing a complaint to CASE.)

    • So sorry my name is hanh I am close my business restaurant in Joo chiat road 189 one year ago .and start days 20 November this year in telok blangah crescent market


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