Christmas seems to come early at Carvers & Co. at East Coast Road, the bistro-cafe which specializes in something quite different from the rest – roast meats.

They have also went through an interior reconstruction, from an initial cafe setting to one with rich woods, a long communal table, and chain link accents.

The owners who are also behind One Man Coffee wanted customers to feel right at home, and the dining experience did feel like a heart-warming Thanksgiving dinner at parts.

The weekly rotation special menu features roasts such as Wagyu Beef served with Caramelized Onions and Garlic Confit, Thyme and Rosemary Turkey with a Cider Glaze, and Porketta with Crackling and Apple Chutney.

“I saw a chance to create a place where friends could go for a great, really down-to-earth meal made from simple, quality ingredients. I love the idea of seeing people passing plates back and forth, enjoying themselves and the conversation” said owner cum chef Sarah Lin.

The physical athletic Sarah who is also a yoga teacher, picked up her interest in cooking meats and hearty meals after a farm stay during a sabbatical in Southern Italy.

She injects her own style after cooking for house-parties and supper clubs for friends. This is seen in her signature Carver Plates ($35, available dinner 6-9:30pm), served with an assorted of juicy tasty meats of various roasts, gammon ham, sausages, served with caramelised onions and potato hash.

The entire plate, quite suitable for sharing, is restaurant-quality food yet feels home-cooked. I don’t mean it in a bad way. The presentation or some subtleness lacks the polish-ness, but every slice of meat is suitably a little charred at the sides, savoury tender, bursting with flavours.

Her strength in working with meats can also be tasted from the Parika Candied Bacon Chips ($8), like bacon served in a cup, but every strip tasting like soft ‘bak kwa’.

The Beer Battered Fish & Chips ($14.90 – available during lunch) served with mint pea mash & sea salt, and vinegar was unfortunately ordinarily flat and uninspiring.

Many of the items are not found in the menu, designed and fitted into a book. Ask the service staff for recommendations and desserts, and they would rattle off something the kitchen can spin off.

Desserts then included Dark chocolate tart served with ginger nut and fresh cream ($12.90) and Seasonal Fruit Crumble. I had bananas and black Berry in the crumble served with Meiji vanilla ice cream ($9.90).

The desserts were homely decent fare, and the blend of sweet bananas and tangy berries worked well, though I thought the tiny dessert could have been at least a dollar or two off its menu price.

Coffees served at are brewed with beans roasted by Common Man Coffee Roasters. The food is homely and hardly disappointing. If you consider it a cafe, Carvers & Co. carves itself from the rest by its delicious homely meats.

Carvers & Co.
43 East Coast Road Singapore 428764 Tel: +65 6348 0448
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm. last orders 9.30pm (Tues-Sun),
Brunch 10am to 2.30pm Snacks 2.30pm to 6pm Dinner 6pm to 9.30pm

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