Funny that Orchard Gateway has opened, but nobody is actually talking about it. This is Singapore, where every new mall is a new attraction, where shopping is our favourite pastime (Sad, but true). So where’s the buzz? Hmm.

Orchard Gateway is the new development with the only overhead bridge along Orchard Road, connecting two buildings across. It is convenient to visit with direct access to the Somerset MRT, and connected to both 313@Somerset and Orchard Central.

If you are thinking it may just another mall with the usual line-up… Yes and No. It has an entire floor dedicated to men’s fashion, and Orchard library will be re-opening there.

To facilitate your dining plans, here are 10 food and restaurant places available at Orchard Gateway

Outback Steakhouse #04-01
Fans go to Outback Steakhouse for big portions of steak, ribs and lamb chops. Don’t forget about the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, a dessert of fresh-baked pecan brownie crowned with ice cream drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. Indulgent! (Read: Outback Steakhouse)

Lenas #04-19
Lenas has such an extensive menu that you can order almost anything and everything casual American and Italian – from thin-crust pizzas, made to order pasta, to grilled chicken pork ribs, salads, and sundaes.

Daessiksin #03-17
The brand is popular for their value-for-money Korean barbecues. Daessiksin looks set to be a gathering place for youths for a hearty affordable Korean buffet. Prices are very affordable – 14.90++ weekday and $24.90++ for weekday lunch and dinner, $24.90++ for weekends all day. (Read: Daessiksin 大食神)

Supply & Demand #02-13/14
With the original outlet at Esplanade, Supply & Demand serves up signature Peruvian dishes such as Ceviche Mixto, a refreshing seafood appetizer, as well as popular Italian cuisine. Sunday brunch has also just been offered. (Read: Supply & Demand)

Joe & Dough #01-10
Before the new wave of cafes, there was already Joe & Dough founded in 2009, serving respectable coffee, sarnies, and good old fashioned bakes such as carrot cake and brownies.

Noodle Place #01-17
Fans were lost when Noodle Place Restaurant closed at Centrepoint after decades in business. After all, it is known to serve one of the most authentic Hong Kong style noodles, with Chef Chui Chuen Lai being a former executive chef of the famous Mak’s Noodle. Well, their signature noodle and congee are back!

Shin-Sapporo Ramen #B2-04A/05
A home-grown ramen brand, Shin-Sapporo Ramen is featuring Sake Ramen available exclusively at Orchard Gateway for a limited period. This Sake Ramen features a thick broth complimented by grilled cha-shu and Hakata-styled noodles. Good for those loving thick miso based broths with a twist.

Dulce & Sucre #B1-01
Dulce & Sucre can be said to be a dessert café, selling a variety of items such as puddings, crunchies, whoopies, parfaits, tarts, and granola cups. The force behind them? Daniel Ong and Jaime Teo of Twelve Cupcakes fame. (Read: Dulce & Sucre)

Artisan Alfero Gelato #B2-06
Their gelato is creamy, rich, thick, smooth, heavenly. If you are a pistachio lover, their gelato is made from pistachios from Bronte Sicily which makes this flavour delicate and naturally green. Lovely experience to just hang out here, with a cup, and indulge in gelato spoon by spoon.

Saizeriya #B2-11
Saizeriy is a Japanese chain of family-style Italian restaurant, who gained quite a bit of popularity with the youths and families for its very affordable food. A Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti for $3.90 (all prices nett!), Carbonara Spaghetti $5.90, Pepper Chicken Steak $6.90, Margherita Pizza $7.90 and Salmon Salad for $5.90. And there is free flow drinks at $2.80. (Read: Saizeriya)

The other food places available at Orchard Gateway include Glacier Yoghurt, Heavenly Wang, Munch, Starbucks, Theobroma Chocolate, Tori Q and Twelve Cupcakes.

What do you think about the new Orchard Gateway?

Orchard Gateway
218 & 277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858 (Somerset MRT)

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  1. Wow, thanks for the food review. Did not know that there are so many food place here. Find Orchard Gateway a bit of a confuse since there is no obvious physical divide between it and Orchard Central. Is the Noodle Place open already?

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