Looks like there is no stopping for Twelve Cupcakes. In less than 3 years, they established 15 location branches, set their foot in cities such as Taipei, Hong Kong and KL, and sold more than 3 million cupcakes since.

It is about time Daniel and Jaime diversified. After dabbling in Junbi, their newest concept Dulce & Sucre (which means ‘sweet’ in Spanish) has opened very blessedly before all the other shops at Orchard Gateway (which seems to be experiencing huge delays in opening). It is also a steal to have a location with direct access to Somerset MRT station.

Dulce & Sucre can be said to be a dessert café, selling a variety of items such as puddings, crunchies, whoopies, parfaits, tarts, and granola cups. The signature item and USP has not surfaced yet, and time will tell. Prices of items are between $3-6.

Their instagram-worthy tarts, with flavours of apple crumble, blueberry, lemon and sea salt caramel, seem to be the most promising, and the most quickly sold out.

The strawberry tart was surprisingly decent, all freshly made in small batches in house. The buttery crisp tart was filled with silky smooth custard fillings, and topped with delicious glazed strawberries.

I am kind of glad this is not just another café selling the usual cakes and waffles, and adopted a more wholesome approach. (Jamie confesses she is becoming a health-freak and attests to Zumba almost on a daily basis.)

Dulce & Sucre’s loaves would probably be the next hit product here, with varied flavours such as Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Pistachio, Salted Caramel Banana and Coffee Banana. The Triple Chocolate is ‘Yums’.

The loaves are smaller sized than usual, likely to be individually portioned. The texture was light enough, accented by nuts, though I wished the sponge could have been moister.

Just a personal preference, and I suggested to Jaime (who is behind the creation) to include some cream frosting. She said she would prefer the loaves to be ‘bare’ for now, and to differentiate these new products from her cupcakes.

My wishlist would be a wider range of fruit tarts, and if possible, ‘healthy’ wholesome cakes, granola and juices – to appeal to the ‘older’ customers like myself. Dulce And Sucre has the potential.

Dulce and Sucre
#B1-01 Orchard Gateway, 218 & 277 Orchard Road (direct entrance from Somerset MRT basement)
Tel: +65 6509 1255

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  1. Tried the 12cupcakes there ytd and was disappointed that it did not match up to the standards in the past. The cupcake was too oily and crumbly, frosting not dense as before. Hope they have quality control matching to their expanding company. But definitely one of my favourite cupcakes in Singapore 🙂 and I didn’t know the cafe belonged to them haha! Thought it was some merger collab.

  2. I also tried the 12 cupcakes and it was a big disappointment. The flavors taste fake and not real at all. For their prices, there are so many smaller shops that now sell cupcakes that taste far better than their mass market ones… suppose they had to cheapen out on ingredients to get the prices down and expand. I am sure they will do good tho as they can expand so quickly.

  3. 12 cupcakes has sadly become a mass market product… Still there will always be a market because of branding and convenience.


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