[Madrid, Spain] Our guide said that Mercado De San Miguel is a must-visit for foodies, and he was absolutely right about it. Built in 1915, this spot visited by both locals and travelers alike, is considered as one of Madrid’s oldest, most beautiful and prominent market.

There are much historical and cultural significance to this ‘New Market of San Miguel’, the only steel structure market that has survived in Madrid till this day. Located next to Plaza Mayor, a square signifying many events, from bullfights, markets to public executions.

There are 33 stalls in total. The moment I walked in, I went, “Wow, so pretty…” at mouth-watering displays of candies, cakes, gastronomical food of all kinds, tapas being prepared on the spot.

In true Spanish style, the market is extremely colourful and buzzling with life. It’s hard to describe, but you feel that everyone is very involved and energetic.

While there are many tourists here, obviously because this is one place you can try out many things at once, and cheap. There are also other Spanish buying their sandwiches, or the after-work office crowd handing out at some of the mini-restaurants with glasses of sangria – real good ones.

My favourite stall is one selling tapas of salmon, cod and tuna, placed on thin crust of bread, all at ONE Euro each. People would just stand about, chatting away, sipping away their French champagne, in the market.

Other items I had included…

BBBQ’s (Butifarras, Bellotas, Barbacoa) Hot Sandwich of Grilled Sausage (2 Euros)

Arroz con Constra’s Paella with Meat and Chorizo (4 Euros for Tapa side)

Moz Heart’s Mozzarella Burrata Tapas, some salty, some sweet (3.50 Euros)

One thing I have learnt is that the Spanish have very late dinners, and go to the clubs and bars at wee hours in the morning. If you crave for supper or are suffering of a jet lag + hunger of some kind, the market closes at 2 am on Thursday to Saturday, and midnight on other days.


Plaza de San Miguel
Plaza de San Miguel, Metro: Sol (L1, L2, L3), Ópera (L2, L5, R), Buses: 3, 148
Opening hours: 10am – 12am (Sun-Wed), 10am – 2am (Thurs-Sat), Opening Daily
Website: www.mercadodesanmiguel.es


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