Conque Monsieur is typically what you find at a French café and restaurant, with grilled ham and cheese in a sandwich. This is easily one of my favourite brunch items and can be very indulgent.

I always thought Croque Monsieur is a more luxurious form of a sandwich, and difficult and time-consuming to prepare. After all, some cafes in Singapore are selling it up to $20. How do you even get the cheese to flow so evenly?

Then I found a Croque Monsieur recipe from the Perfect Italiano website, which helps you add Italian flair to everyday meals. I have to declare I need ‘idiot-proof’ recipes, and these are indeed quite easy to follow.

Recipe of Croque Monsieur with Perfect Italiano Mozzarella & Parmesan Grated Cheese

1. 2 slices bread
2. 2 slices ham
3. 2 tbsp cream sauce
4. 25g Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Grated Cheese
5. 25g Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated Cheese

Instructions (Preparation time 15 minutes, Cooking time 10 minutes)

1. Lightly toast bread for about 2-3 mins
2. Place ham on bread and add Perfect Italiano Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese
3. Cover with another slice of bread and drizzle cream sauce on top
4. Top with a generous layer of Perfect Italiano Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese
5. Bake at 180°C preheated oven until top browns nicely (I took about 16 min)
6. Serves 1 portion

Other tips:
– The Perfect Italiano cheese is so good on its own that you may remove the cream sauce!
– You can choose to fill with other ingredients such as smoked salmon (which I did)
– For a healthier option, add freshly sliced tomatoes and lettuce instead. (The cheese is suitable for vegetarians.)

Tah-dah! This is my final creation, Croque Monsieur from Daniel’s Café. How about it?

I love how the top layer is baked till a light golden brown. And when I cut the bread into half, cheese started oozing out so beautifully

The Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Cheese is perfect for adding stretch and a mild flavour to dishes such as lasagna, pizzas and cannelloni.

What you can also do is to place the Mozzarella Cheese between two slices of bread, together with ham and tomatoes. Place the bread into on oven, and you would get a delicious and easy-to-prepare toast that can impress others.

* This entry is brought to you by Perfect Italiano. The Perfect Italiano cheeses are available at leading supermarkets. For more recipes and videos, visit the Perfect Italiano website at

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