[Bangkok] People have been asking me where I got the Milo Volcano crepe cake in my instagram from, which indeed takes the lead because it is a cake we would have dreamt about, and a cafe made it come true!

Petite Audrey is a Thai-fusion bistro and café, serving a Western and modern Thai dishes with photogenic desserts, similar to other successful restaurants such as Grey Hound, Coffee Bean by Dao and Manna. It is an offspring from the main restaurant at Thonglor.

The restaurant is said to be inspired by Audrey Hepburn, thus the name, and the romantic-looking contemporary vintage décor with white furniture and cushioned sofas which makes you go “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

It is fun to people-watch here, mainly the upper-middle class Thais, the youngish, hip, fashionable and occasional gorgeous as the handphones click away. You know, the good-looking that would make it to the Instagram popular page.

The Absolute Siam menu has appetizers with portions good-for-sharing, such as Say Cheese fried potato balls with cheddar cheese dip (surprisingly nice), Deep Fried Spicy Pork Ball (unfortunately burnt), Deep Fried Half Salty Chicken Wings (good stuff), Green Curry with Fried Roti (slightly watery), and Deep Fried Sesame Pork served with Green Chilli Paste & Sticky Rice, all priced between 130-150 baht (SGD$5-$5.80, USD$4.00-$4.60).

Food was still quite aroy-mak mak (delicious). Though compared to other modern Thai restaurants, I generally feel Audrey has a more Western slant in its ambience, presentation and taste.

Thus the spicy is not too spicy, the sweet is not too sweet, and the salty not too salty (you get the drift), while Thai street food has always been known to have quite intense flavours.

Audrey is also somehow more popular for its Western-style dishes with a Thai twist, such as the 8 inch Tom Yum Kung Thin Crust Baby Pizza, and Spaghetti with Crackling Pork.

The cake which really brings the house down is the Thai Tea Crepe Cake (110 baht). I have always been a fan of ‘cha-yen’, that orangey Thai favourite with a unique taste quite irreplaceable. So when it’s turned into a multi-layered crepe-cake, wow.

Again, I did wish there was more of that Thai Tea flavour, but the cake was indeed pillow-soft and light creamy.

Audrey’s Milo Volcano Crepe Cake (125 baht) available for a limited period. When a true-blue Milo fan looks at this, you know that all other cakes can officially step aside.

Petite Audrey
418 4th floor. Siam Center, Rama1 Road., Pathumwan 10330, Bangkok Thailand (Siam BTS, walk to Siam Center)
Tel: +66 2 658 1545
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

Audrey Café and Bistro
136/3 Thonglor Soi 11 Bangkok, Thailand (Thong Lo BTS)
Tel: +66 2 712 6667
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm


  1. Hi Daniel,

    If you come to visit Thailand again plz come to Audrey Cafe again we have established other branches for past few month as the concept one Audrey one personality, there are such a glamorous place and wonderful foods which is different decoration, atmosphere and signature dishes, want you to try if it sound interesting plz don’t hesitate to contact me, thanks.

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