The press release states that Ramen Kagetsu Arashi is the third most popular ramen chain in Japan. So I wonder who is one and two? Ajisen? Nagasaki Chanpon? Ippudo?

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi opens a 3rd branch The Cathay Orchard (the first two are at The Star Vista and Tampines 1), which has unfortunately become a very empty building with a lack of attractive tenants.

The ramen shop, popular for its garlic tonkotsu broth, has just released two new dishes: Ginjiro Ramen ($13.90) and Itameshi Dry Curry Rice ($12.90).

While my first experience with Ramen Kagetsu Arashi at The Star Vista had not been that positive, this time was much better.

The Ginjiro (which means ‘good silver in Japanese’) Ramen scores on its broth, being thick, rich and flavourful with an aftertaste of bonito. The char siew was thin and tender, no major complains.

Its noodles could have been springier with bite. And really, we would have liked the bowl to be served with ajitama egg. The reason (or excuse) given was the egg yolk would interfere with the taste of the bowl. Point taken. Then serve it on a separate saucer, can or not?

The Itameshi Dry Curry Rice ($12.90) is so peppery-lunchy, but unfortunately a saltier and less meaty version. There are some merits. The spices are addictive though could go lower in quantity, as it almost feels like I am consuming a pack of chips. If they placed a few slices of char siew instead of thinly cut sausages, it would have been a lot more satisfying.

An order came wrong and I ended up with the Arashi Genkotsu Barikara Ramen with Sio Broth ($14.90), and it turned out to be a beautiful mistake – it was the best ramen I had at Kagetsu.

The broth was sweet, salty and spicy with a kick, with the natural sea salt and deep red paste giving it a multi-layer taste every spoonful.

Actually, the ramen here is not too bad. Except that some of the side dishes such as Tori Karaage ($6.00) were unevenly salty, and Gyoza ($6.00 for 5) soggy. Its inconsistency may have put on some people, but if you are in luck and choose wisely, you may dine with one pleasing bowl.

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
2 Handy Road #B1-01/02/03 The Cathay Singapore 229233 (Dhoby Gaut MRT), Tel: +65 6736 3055
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

Other branches: The Star Vista #01-41, Tampines 1 #02-09/10

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  1. Actually went there to try today and the Arashi Genkotsu Barikara Ramen with Sio Broth was reallllly good. My gyoza was probably not as soggy as yours so it was good. But the tonkatsu is probably more worth a mention than the gyoza.
    Thanks for the recommendation!


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