[Hong Kong] Some of the cars parked outside this Michelin starred restaurant may dazzle, and I have seen car plate numbers of 3, 18, 8, 688 of gigantic Rolls-Royce with the super-rich ‘fu-tai’ stepping out to have their regular dim sum. (Updated, Fook Lam Moon is ranked No.19 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2014, up 29 positions the highest climber on the list.)

Fook Lam Moon 福臨門 is known to be a popular Chinese restaurant for the rich and famous, with a status of being the ‘Cafeteria for the Wealthy’. Dining here makes you feel auspicious with a name meaning ‘fortune and blessings arriving at your doorsteps’.

Both Fook Lam Moon restaurants at Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui are awarded one Michelin star in the 2014 guide, with this original flagship restaurant also gaining a spot at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. I personally prefer the Tsim Sha Tsui branch as it feels more spacious and less intimidating.

While the regulars come for their specialties such as Barbecued Suckling Pig (need to pre-order), Double-Boiled Chicken stuffed with Bird’s Nest, Stuffed Baked Crab, Sauteed Fresh Lobster in Fook Lam Moon Stock, Braised Dried Abalone, and Double Boiled Bird’s Nest with Coconut Milk. These dishes cost a 4-figure (HK dollar) sum.

Fortunately, their signature Crispy Chicken (HK$210) is still ‘affordable’ without a big burst in the wallet.

Fook Lam Moon’s chicken is un-doubly one of the best Chicken style roasts I ever had, with such paper-thin crispy skin, enveloping lustrously juicy meat marinated in a homemade sauce. The chicken, exclusively breed in a farm, is soft and full of flavours. Cooking style is meticulous, prepared by pouring oil continuously over the poultry.

The regular dim sum is pricier than the usual restaurants, with each basket or dish costing between HK$50-$60. That is close to SGD$10 for say 4 siew mai. There were some hits and misses. Misses meaning the quality is still there, but not for the price we are paying.

Other some other dim sum restaurants which may go all-out to be fanciful and creative, Fook Lam Moon mainly serves the traditional interpretations the old-school way.

The Salted Custard Liu Sha Bao (HK$50) was astonishing – it spills and it thrills with its fluffy skin and golden flowing fillings.

The other dim sum that surprises is the Deep Fried Beancurd Skin with Prawns (HK$60). Simply said, crisp outer layer with fresh fillings.

Tables are unfortunately too close, that you can almost hear what the lady in mint coat next table is saying. I tried reserving online and via email which went unanswered, and finally got my hotel to make the booking.

The restaurant interior is golden lavish yet not over the top, service excellent and unobtrusive. After all, they are serving some of the most powerful people in Hong Kong.

Fook Lam Moon (福臨門)
Shop 3, G/F, Newman House 35-45 Johnston Road, Wanchai Hong Kong Tel: (+852) 2866 0663

53-59 Kimberley Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui MTR, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2366 0286
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am-3pm (Mon-Sat), 11am-3pm (Sun). Dinner 6-11pm Daily

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