New York-style pizzas are known to be large, wide, thin, doughy and hand-tossed. You can eat them folded, unlike the Italian pizza al taglio. They are usually sold by the slice, while “pie” would mean the entire pizza. I have never been to New York, but I will make it there. “Start spreading the news…”

For a slice of New York style pizza in Singapore, you can make your way to Tony’s Pizza, opened at the junction shop between River Valley Road and Zion Road. That is stretch of favourite supper hunts, where late night goers search for prata at Spize, chicken rice at Boon Tong Kee and Teochew Cuisine. (Competitor Peperoni Pizzeria is a 5 minute walk away.)

Not to be confused with another Tony’s Pizza in America, this Tony’s Pizza Singapore is co-partnered by Tony Varvara of Elegante Pizza in Brooklyn. Check out his biceps, and imaginging him hand-tossing the dough. Woh. Too bad he is not here most of the time.

In true New York style, pizzas are sold with or without topping. Those without toppings are referred to as ‘plain’ or cheese’ slices.

My heart stopped a beat when I saw the cost of a plain cheese slice – $6.50, probably making this one of the priciest slice around. Perhaps blame it on River Valley and its prime land. The price for an 18” Cheese Pie is at $42.

The toppings, at $1 extra, include Pepperoni, Roast Chicken, Salami, Ham, Chicken Cutlet, Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Onion, Spinach and Pineapple. The toppings are generous, plus not many pizza shops in Singapore allow personalised toppings by the slice.

My customised pizza with spinach and egg makes one fine treat.

In terms of taste and texture, the greatest differences I can point out is Tony’s Pizza slices are very cheesy and aromatic. The crust needs some getting used to, marginally thick and doughy for my liking. I did not succeed much in my attempt to fold the slice and eat it authentic NY style as grease got into my way.

While I can’t vouch for its authenticity, reviews online seem divided though slanted towards positive, from “the closest pizza I have had to New York style pizza full stop”, “the pizza turned out to be pretty good and was worth the wait”, to “not authentic”.

Overall a filling satisfying slice. Now, my well-travelled friends, tell me if this tastes authentic NY or not.

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Tony’s Pizza
397 River Valley Road (Junction of Zion Road and River Valley Road), Tel: +65 6777 4992 (677 PIZZA)
Open: 11am to 11pm daily

Other Pizza Entries
The Manhattan Pizza Co (Orchard Central)
Pezzo Pizza (Woodlands)
Spizza (East Coast)
Peperoni Pizzeria (Zion Road)
Skinny Pizza (Raffles City)


  1. Pizza is always a good choice regardless of having it all by yourself or sharing with family & friends! With variety of toppings or enjoy it “kosong”, you can to have it In true New York style. And Tony’s Pizza will be my choice!! =)

  2. Love food.. Love Daniel’s recommendation..
    A lazy way to try yummylicious n great stuff…
    With such great reviews fr Daniel…
    TONY’S PIZZA is definitely in the diedie must try list…

  3. I just residing in Singapore for 3 months. I had never try Tony’s Pizza.
    This blog post pizza look so yummy. I wish my love one and I can have chance to taste Tony’s Pizza and enjoy the lovely moment. Thanks =)

  4. I definitely love love New York Style Pizzas as it gives a really aromatic smell once I
    take a bite! Especially the crispy think crust makes my family and I craving for more as
    we are big lovers of pizza and love to try around all kinds of pizzas 🙂

  5. I never try before tony's pizza, looking your post makes me drool!! Really hope to have a chanceto eat and share with mu grandma, family and boyfriend too!! Hope the winner is ME! Thanks daniel!

  6. shared and like 🙂 I have not try Tony’s Pizza before. The concept of choosing own topping is really good idea 🙂 I would like to get the chance to try this pizza via danielfooddiary 😛

  7. i love tony pizza because i love the crust, simply not too thick nor thin. Just perfect for me. Also, i love the pizza as its always very generous towards the portions of ingredient they give. Generally i believe customers like to eat pizza with plentiful of ingredient such that it gives them an overwhelming taste of the pizza upon first bite. And yes, Tony pizza did hit that standard. Also, i am a super fan of pizza, my best shot would be 6 large pizza at one go and i would defintely be enjoying the pizzas if i win this and share them with my family members because they are pizza lovers too ! 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. They say that an army travels on its stomach, but I say what better way to experience a foreign place through its food! Hope you’ll let Tony take me to New York via their pizzas! XD

  9. Oh my gosh! This just made my day! Feeling peckish now on a warm Friday afternoon, if only I could win some Tony's Pizza, yum yum! Pizza + Cold drink = Perfection!

  10. Oh my gosh! This just made my day! Feeling peckish now on a warm Friday afternoon, if only I could win some Tony’s Pizza, yum yum! Pizza + Cold drink = Perfection!

  11. I have never try Tony's pizza but I heard it was really nice and after looking your post it make me feel more like trying it now so I hope to win!

  12. I have yet to try Tony's pizza. However, I am very drawn to your pictures which depicted appetising food with fresh ingredients. I would love to try them!

  13. I've nv tried before but heard many gd reviews about Tony's Pizza. So hope to win and bring my hubby n son to have a try. Both of them love Pizza and my hubby is a fussy eater.. But he will sure like Tony's Pizza 🙂

  14. I love Tony's Pizza for the fact it allows customisation for it's topping. No two individuals have the same taste and I have very specific cravings. With the customisation of its toppings, Tony's Pizza will allow me to satisfy my taste buds fully. At Tony's, i will order what Joey (From "Friends") orders – the Joey's Special – TWO PIZZAS!

  15. After reading your blog post & just by looking at the nice & yummy pictures already make my saliva drooling and would be excited to try the pizza with spinach and egg simply because I am a pizza lover & I love spinach & egg the most hence will be excited to try the taste. I have always been searching for classic hand­-tossed New York pizza with customised toppings ! Now my wish have come true after I saw ur blog post hence hope "Daniel's Food Diary" & "Tony's Pizza" can make my wish come true and let me win the 18” pizzas so I can share with my dearest mum & my
    God-brother and I can also write reviews and take photos while enjoying the delicious "Customised Toppings" authentic New York hand-tossed Pizza !
    Thank You "Daniel's Food Diary" & "Tony's Pizza" for the wonderful introduction of the Singapore’s best and yummy pizzas! <3 <3 <3

  16. Thin crust? Check. Crispy at the edges? Check. Cheesy? Double check! Added with personalised toppings, it is simply a bonus to this wonderfully prepared pizza, all in one bite! What’s not to love?

  17. I love pizza…I love it to the extent that I can have it anytime, anywhere…I heard a lot about Tony’s Pizza, never got the chance to try it..But this time after looking all the pics & reading the blog…my new year resolution is to try it definitely this month…

  18. New taste ,New style, Delicious And Yummy Pizza
    Let’s go Tony’s Pizza for the Wonderful Prepare Pizza!
    Liked And Shared!!

  19. I loved eating pizza ever since I was a little girl as I just loved the crispy crust dough and the cheesy toppings on the pizza. I think Tony's pizza is a great choice for me as it is cheesy with a slight thin crust and yet some simple toppings on it will just makes the pizza so delicious and aromatic. Maybe would like to try out the spinach and egg pizza as this looks rather special and new to me!

  20. I loveeeeeeee Pizzas! the customized pizza with spinach and egg looks delicious! I would also like to try their side dishes too =)

  21. Can’t say I love Tony’s Pizza before I have tried it out, but I just came back from Manhattan and Brooklyn last August, and simply love their pizza there! I like pizza that comes with generous supply of cheese, and Tony’s customisable pizza will be a big delight!

  22. Because Tony’s pizza looks so delicious with a suave hunkie macho owner behind these delectable creations. *DROOOOLS* I WANT TO TRY THEM PIZZAS!

  23. Pizzas are my favourite food! Tony’s Pizza is really authentic New York Style Pizza! That’s why i always patronize Tony’s Pizza whenever I’ve a craving for pizzas!

  24. I love Tony's pizza because I am a big fan of pizza and would like to try this pizza as the pictures are making me drool already. Yummm!

  25. There is no Tony at Tony’s pizza. I’ve been there 4 times and never saw any Westerner working there.

    The pizzas are made by local kids who probably never had a NY pizza or been to NY, or really know to properly make a NY-style pizza.

    Having tried these a few times, they taste nothing like NY pizza. The crust and cheese are completely wrong. These pizzas rate on the mid- to lower scale of pizza available in Singapore. Although Scarpino’s is not at all what people who know pizza would call good pizza, but it is on par with or better than Tony’s.

    There are much better pizzas at the Italian restaurants along Robertson Walk (but only the ones with Italian people working there).

    I hope they improve and train their staff to make proper NY pizza. Singapore needs a real pizzeria that serves slices as is everywhere in the USA. Tony’s does that, but the pizza is not at all authentic. It is disingenuous to make these claims to an unsuspecting public.

  26. Agree with Wanger. I’ve had better $1 slices in NYC than this supposed NYC pizza in Singapore. I could have been drunk though.

    Can definitely try The Pizza Place at Raffles City basement for American style pizzas. They don’t do slices but the dough is nice.


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