Seems like there are more and more chicken wings specialty shops opening up in Singapore. I am not complaining. From fast food style fried chicken wings, sauced dipped double fried Korean wings, we are starting to see more Buffalo wings shops in Singapore.

The latest to come: Wingstop at Bedok Mall. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Texas, the restaurant chain Wingstop has more than 600 outlets across the United States and Mexico, and makes its first landing at Singapore. Confident of their product, they intend to open up to 20 shops in Singapore.

For those unfamiliar with American-style buffalo wings, they are made up of wingettes and drumlets, usually deep fried un-breaded, coated in sauces such as vinegar based cayennne pepper.

At Wingstop, there are 11 favours to choose from. The first ten comes from the States: Original Hot, Cajun, Atomic, Mild, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Hawaiian, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory Smoked BBQ and Louisiana Rub. An 11th, the Oriental Soy Pepper is specially created for the Singapore market.

The easy choices would be the Classic Wings or Boneless Wings sets ($9.96 for 6 pieces, $11.95 for 8 pieces) where you can mix 2 flavours with 1 regular side dish (go for the signature seasoned fries), drink and dip.

There was a Wingstop Party with “Daniel’s Food Diary & Friends”. Interestingly during the tasting session, everybody had different likes largely because the flavours are indeed quite distinctly different.

Most fancied the Louisiana Rub (I think because Singaporeans generally enjoy hot and spicy, I would rate this a Level 2 on spiciness), a few girls liked the milder Garlic Parmesan, while some appreciated the local flavoured Oriental Soy Pepper. The seasoning does remind me a dish from the zi char stall, like a mix between swiss sauce and gong bao chicken.

My personal favourites are the Teriyaki due to its wetness and sauciness (I like wings when you can lick off sauces off the fingerrs), and Lemon Pepper which has a distinct zest which makes you feel like you are eating a snack.

If you want some kick in your life, or crave to challenge with friends, go straight for the Wingstop Atomic chicken (this would be a Level 4). I stopped at 2 wings san drinks, as I felt my tongue burning up and some tears from the eyes. 2 tips, save them for the last, and eat them fresh out and hot.

As Wingstop’s wings are cooked, sauced and hand-tossed to order, you may need to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the food to arrive. On my wish list are celery sticks and carrots, and maybe slightly plumper wings. I am greedy.

For those who want to try all flavours, the best thing is to gather a couple of friends. Good wings in life are meant to be be shared.

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Wingstop Singapore
Bedok Mall #B1-53 (next to Tim Ho Wan)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

* This post is brought to you by Wingstop Singapore


  1. Yup! Totally agreed! Goes well with celery n bigger wings! Hope u can accept our gracious feedback! Is a hardcore fan of wingstop when I was in states!

  2. havent tried these wings before but they look mouth-watering… the teriyaki one looks gd to me and i hope to win the vouchers to try it myself ! (p.s./ the sentence “Good wings in life are meant to be be shared.” left me a deep impression for no reason somehow. :P)

  3. Been to one of the restaurants when I was on an overseas attachment in the US and tried Cajun, Hickory Smoked BBQ. Tasty by American standards. Would like to try the Oriental Soy Pepper

  4. My favourite WingStop chicken flavour is “Hickory Smoked BBQ” as the BBQ sauce is very “Smoked” and “Saucylicious” hence is a perfect combination with the Wings !!

  5. Louisiana Rub would be my favourite as i enjoy savoring hot wings. they make me pespire and sweat and the feeling is damn shoik ! the hotter the wings, the better it is ! yums ! 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <


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