[Hong Kong] You cannot imagine the excitement when I finally found this café, this very old-looking place which looked transported back in time to the 1970s.

When I watched TVB dramas when I was young, this is the kind of café where Carol Cheng would meet Chow Yun Fatt for breakfast.

There are retro Coca Cola posters all around, yellow faded newspaper reviews pasted haphazardly with dried-up tape, an altar, Nissin noodles cardboard boxes, a square boxy silver television playing the news, rusty weighing machine, a toilet roll hanging out next to the door, a two-door ancient fridge… Everything is old, old old!

If Royston Tan was a Hong Konger, he would make a documentary out of Star Café.

Finding Star Café is a challenge. Look out for Dadol Hotel sign, get to Champagne Court beside the Mira Hotel, go to the basement where you will past by a doughy-looking Moon Spring Foot Massage shop.

What do people come here for? Tomato noodles.

Star Café is famed for their tomato noodles, made with fresh noodles and eggs.

The lady boss seemed a little apologetic and I understood in my half-baked Cantonese that the noodles would need at least 10 minutes to prepare.

This is Hong Kong mind you – no instant noodles take that long to be served. Not during morning rush hour.

When the Tomato Beef Noodles (HK$28, SGD4.50) was served, I knew I would never look at these ketchup noodles the same way again. Why so delicious?!

The bowl of Nissin noodles was covered in bright-red sauce, you know it has to be prepared fresh on-the-spot.

The sauce was unexpectedly refreshing, without that extreme sour-tangy aftertaste. Okay, the draw-back was that it could get gooey and some might find it tough to stomach that many tomatoes.

I actually went back again. Milk tea and ham egg sandwich were superb. How do the Hong Kongers make such simple things taste so good?

Star Café 星座冰室
36 Basement Champagne Court Block A 16 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui Exit B2, next to Mira Hotel)
Tel: +852 2724 4408
Opening Hour: 8:00am – 9:00pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I’m going to HK next month and will try to stop by some of the places you’ve recommended in your Must try food in HK post! I’ve grown up in Taiwan and am obsessed with the tomato beef noodle soup there, although I don’t know if they bare any resemblance!

  2. Sad to say this – my SO was super looking forward to trying this so 2 hours before we leave for airport, we went to search high and low for it, luckily it was near where we were staying. found it in dark basement.

    before i continue let me just clarify that i m not those kinda atas girl who cannot eat outside of restaurant. i love to explore traditional food at any kinda place – as long as its hygenic. but when i stepped into the cafe (although it was full at lunch time), i felt really uncomfortable because it doesnt look like its hygenic. i didnt order anything other than a milk tea while he ordered e tomato noodles. i tried it, it taste ok, but was semi cold. He loved it though.

    half way through eating he sheepishly shifted a pepper container away from my sight and ask me not to look. i knew exactly what was that gesture about so i didnt probe. he took a picture of the pepper container and later showed me in the plane. it was close up shot of the pepper container, and inside the container, there is not one, not 2 but many many small BUGS. i almost threw up.

    🙁 it was a really bad memory and up till today whenever i see pepper container on the table, i will still be reminded of the disgusting sight. I am sure i am just unlucky since many people still raved about this place, but i am sure i would never step into that place again

  3. I went to visit this after reading your listing, which also appeared on ladyironchef’s blog. Managed to find this place quite quickly, thanks to your warning it’s hidden. The tomato base was amazing. And I understood why u had to return to consume again. The taste was lingering in me the whole day! It’s a taste that makes me want to get another bowl.


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