I thought that St Marc’s chocolate Choro Cro was delicious, that’s before I tried their new strawberry version available at the new Marina Square Dining Edition section.

It’s new, and limited strawberry Choro Cro ($2.60) was divine.

St Marc Café is a 300 branch chain in Japan, its 2nd just opened at Marina Square. The signature Choco Cro ($2.40) is so named because it is a combination of chocolate and croissant, and is light and flakey with fillings of rich chocolate made of a blend of Ghana and Ecuador beans. Each piece is made of almost 20 layers and thus feels almost airy as you take every bite.

My main reservation is that some pieces feel like they have been left on the shelf for a long time, and could be inevitably cold. Some of the ‘freshly-baked’ bread and sandwiches also look quite sad in the counter, and I am sure the Japanese in Japan won’t never allow that to happen.

The strawberry daifuku comes with filling of a real strawberry, red beans (okay, I am bias since I like almost Anything with azuki red bean) and soft mocha. Plus a cooling matcha latte (the matcha could be more matcha though). Isn’t thing like the best combination ever?

You can buy a box of 5 back, which comes in Japanese style cutesy packaging.

I once said that the Little Fuji ($6.30) from St Marc Café at Vivocity, a freshly baked Danish with a mountain of vanilla ice cream and drizzling of caramel, is to live for.

Their new version of Choco Banana Fuji ($7.30) just brings it up on another level, especially for those who feels that the caramel would have been too saccharine-sweet. Even though there is ice cream on the Danish, the pastry still remains quite fluffy with a light crunch. Again, what could go wrong with chocolate, banana with soft serve?

St Marc Café Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-105/184/185, Singapore 039594 ( City Hall MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

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  1. Agree! Love anything with azuki too 😛


    I also encountered the same.. cold choco crocs. I didnt enjoy that very much because of that. Fuji and parfait were much better since they were prepared fresh..


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