Cute, cute, cute! From kitties to Minions, some Singaporeans would go all fuzzy over endearing adorable wide-eyed things that would sell off the shelves.

The next that has arrived in Singapore at Scape (Updated: The branch at Scape has closed and they have moved to Bugis Junction) are these Taiwanese-Chinese burgers Bear Bites 熊の食 with buns shaped and looking like a teddy bear paws. And you know you want to grab your hands (and your mouth) on one of those.

First spotted it on Instagram with comments varying from “Sooooo cute”, to “Very cute” and “OMG cute”. I guess the vocabulary used to describe buns are limited. Let me go. They are “super cute”?

The Bear Bites was first made popular in Taiwan’s Fengjia Night Market which is like THE street food market of Taiwan. The Taiwanese creator was touring Japan, spotted some Japanese type buns (which resembled our very own ‘kong bak pau’) and decided to create his own style with Western-meets-Asian ingredients. As for the bear paw print, it is iconic of Taiwan’s national animal – the Formosan Black Bear.

Local friends Joseph and Benedict saw it being featured in a Taiwanese variety programme and decided to bring the brand to Singapore at the very youthful Scape.

There are 3 simple steps to ordering the Bear Bites Burger
Step 1: Choose between Crispy Karaage Chicken and Oishi Fish Fillet
Step 2: Choose a bun – flavours include original milk, brown sugar, oat, yam, curry, squid ink and strawberry (seasonal)
Step 3: Choose a sauce – mushroom, tartar, Thai, honey mustard, black pepper, golden cheese

At $7.80 for a chicken and $8.80 for fish set with drinks and fries (add $1 for cheese fries), the price is still quite youth-friendly, say compared to the fast-food restaurants.

I personally thought the chicken set was the tastier of the two, with the meat chunkier and complements better with the soft pillow-like bun. Portion, at twice the size of a usual ‘kong-bak-pau’, is actually quite huge and makes for a filling meal.

The fish was not as fresh and chunky as I would have loved it to, but still rather satisfying as it was not dry like some other places would offer. Warning: eating this would be a messy affair as the sauce would spill. Maybe a thicker less watery sauce would help.

Only drawback is that it is at an outdoor area and you really got to watch up for falling ‘things’ at Somerset Orchard in the evening. There are things bear paws can’t drive away.

Going to make a wild prediction. I guess these Bear Bites 熊の食 burgers are going to be quite popular and would start surfacing on your Instagram feed because everybody loves some photogenic food.

And you would go, “Beary Cute”?

[Closed] Bear Bites Singapore
200 Victoria Street #B1-K7 Bugis Junction Singapore 188021
(Updated: Branch at Scape has closed)
Opening Hours: 10:0am – 10:00pm Daily

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  1. I bet my daughter would love this. Am going to give it a try. Which of the buns would you recommend since there are so many flavours to choose from? Heard that the original milk, and squid ink are quite good.

  2. Just another update…after a couple of months, unfortunately the one at Bugis Junction is now closed too. Kinda disappointed as I was looking forward to it.

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