[Sydney, Australia] My room-mate Kenny goes to Single Origin Roasters EVERY SINGLE DAY when we were in Sydney for Hillsong. In fact, I think we picked that hostel only because it was near Single Origin.

“Don’t you want to try xxx and yyy café?”

My persuasion techniques do not seem to work well. It does not matter which award-winning café or barista I sprout out, or there are probably 10 other cafes at Surry Hills vicinity, Kenny just wants to go to Single Origin. No other cafes.

For the record, the coffee (whichever we ordered) were top-notch with beautiful coffee-art, a layered taste of coffee at its finest with a whiff of aroma, it is confirm-guarantee-chop one of the best coffees I had ever.

I can’t say it is the best in Sydney because I haven’t had that many cups.

The boys, owners Dion and Emma Cohen founded the roasters in 2003, and have expanded the business with a 120kg roaster at a warehouse in Alexandria and a café in a serene Surry Hills. People have called their coffee ‘legendary’.

They make their espresso extractions using eighteen gram baskets and modified “sawn-off” handles as they believed it was the best way to deliver a full-favoured cup.

We sat on wooden seats laid on the street side, and did not seem quite to mind in the morning as it was 15 degrees celsius.

The baristas were extremely funny and posed for me, rather amused at another Asian blogger wielding a mega-camera. “Why are you taking pictures of my food? Take a picture of me!”

The winter breakfast offerings were lovely, from Bacon & Egg Sanga with Melted Cheddar (AUD$14.50) which comes with biodynamic egg, or Slow Poached Egg on Toast (AUD$4.00).

The girls were all fans of the Banana Bread ($5.50), coming with espresso butter which really means Single Origin Roasters took Pepe Saya butter and added an espresso shot within. The result was a moist and fragrant, but expensive slide of bread. That’s not stopping the girls from taking (that) away every single day.

One week has gone by, and I am really missing my coffee at Single Origin Roasters, sitting on the wooden stool watching the world go by. Kenny, it’s your fault.

Single Origin Roasters
60-64 Reservoir St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Sydney Australia (Central Station)
Tel: +61 2 9211 0665
Opening Hours: 6:30am – 4:00pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat-Sun

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