Yes, I know. Tiong Bahru is like THE happening district where there are so many hippie food joints. But I need to emphasize, for some of the places that are crowded, it may not mean that their food is good. Usually it’s all about branding. Vice versa. (Read: 5 Best New Food Places At Tiong Bahru )

That is what I like about Abe’s Diner. Hidden, discrete, low-profile, quiet, understated, yet is all I can ask for in a small Japanese diner. It exactly reminds me of those hole-in-the-wall shops in Japan, well-hidden gems possibly serving Michelin-starred food and divine sushi.

Abe’s Diner is located at 42 Eng Hoon Street diagonally opposite the fish head steamboat restaurant. No obvious signboard, opened only at night, not even on Sundays, and has few customers – generally Japanese for shochu and food.

They have just introduced a Chef’s Omakase Course, with appetizers, sashimi,tempura, hashiyasume side dish, one main (fish or meat), rice, miso soup and dessert – all for $38.00 only!

How reasonable is that. The appetizers of grilled eggplant, matcha tofu and jellied conger eel is a medley that highlights with its blend of intriguing tastes and texture, especially the cool eel jelly which is refreshingly delectable.

The other dishes may not excite like some top-notch Japanese restaurant – it may not have the aesthetically gorgeous presentation or refined quality taste. It is not wow-wow spectacular.

But what Abe’s Diner present is a very comforting unpretentious style of what the Japanese would serve their guests right at home. Yes, warm sincere Japanese home-cooked food.

I have been a quiet returning customer for a few times, with Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce ($10 for 6 pieces) and Chicken and Mushroom Cream Gratin ($13) being some of my regular orders.

When I finished my tea at Abe’s Diner, the Japanese waitress immediately came to refill my teapot. This made me realize how much I miss good service, the Japanese style.

Abe’s Diner
42 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169785 (Tiong Bahru MRT), Tel: +65 6222 1719
Opening Hours: 5:00pm -12:00am

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