Every single meal, at least one in my group of friend would whip up their phone to upload the food on the table, their ootd or both. Sometimes all of them. If you are an Instagram lover like myself, then you must take part in the Lipton Moments Singapore contest. (By the way, have you followed @DanielFoodDiary on Instagram yet?!)

The #LiptonMomentsSg contest is to bring to life Lipton’s philosophy of enjoying positive moments. So it is not all only about tea-drinking, and not compulsory that your photos contain pictures of tea.

You stand a chance to win a 3D2N Bali trip and weekly spa vouchers from Hyatt Hotel Singapore! Just follow these 3 easy steps.
Step 1: Take the photo
Step 2: Upload on Instagram or Lipton Singapore Facebook
Step 3: Hashtag it with #LiptonMomentsSg

Very simple. Here are some of my pictures. Of course you do not have to include food in your entries. It’s just me.

Who says you cannot appreciate tea like wine?

Add colours to your life if you are feeling blue.

Enjoying the morning with the sunny side up.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a snack once in a while.

With each mouthful, you will get a sensation of bittersweet chocolate. That’s happiness.

It is never too early to have some walnut mooncakes, especially when it is homemade.

Of all the delicacies in the world, nothing beats the taste of Singapore.

Like a muffin, like a sticky bun, it’s a scone.

Simple things can make you feel like a tai-tai.

Savour the high tea of life.

Here are my personal 3 Tips to take better Instagram Pictures for this contest
Tip 1: Light is your best friend. Shooting in a dimly lit restaurant or club with a handphone won’t give you decent pictures.

Tip 2: Take different angles, not just one. You may not know which works best, so the best is to experiment. My rule of thumb – try six photos and one should be good enough. The other five? Trash it.

Tip 3: Tell a story with your picture. For this #LiptonMomentSg contest, shoot something positive and happy. That should earn you extra points.

I hope you win. That would truly be a Lipton Moment!

*This entry is brought to you by Lipton.



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