The telegenic Chef Amri is a regular face on MediaCorp’s Suria channel, and fans and viewers have been giving him support at his new restaurant at Jalan Kayu. With a ‘celebrity chef’ of sorts, Le Steak has been packing the crowd during the weekends.

The truth is halal restaurants serving quality Western food at wallet-friendly prices is few and between, moreover one with Angus Beef, Fresh Shucked Live Oysters and Belgium Waffles. (Tell me if you know of any similar Halal Restaurants.)

Le Steak’s offerings remind me of Astons: Grilled Chicken ($8.90), Grilled Fish ($9.90), specialty items Sirloin Steak ($14.90) and Ribeye ($16.90) all coming with two side dishes, and Aglio Olio ($7.90), Beef Burger with Fries ($12.90)

Their premium cut is an Australian M6 Wagyu, and a reasonable price $45 considering its grade. I should not complain that it should be a thicker slab, for all the marbling and higher percentage of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The steak does look good, but the sides look sad.

Anyway, we requested for it to be medium-well, and it was indeed well-prepared without being bloody or over-done. Eat it on its own to savour the full flavours of the beef, and the fats at the side which does linger in your mouth. Omph. I saw some customers adding almost the entire mini-jug of black pepper sauce to the wagyu…Nooooooo. The wagyu cow may have died in vain – eat it WITHOUT the sauces.

Chef Amri is serious when he says he wants a family-friendly restaurant where items are affordable, almost food-court prices. The Live Oysters ($18 for 6) come in from Canada weekly over the weekends and are only available from Friday and Sunday.

It appears that Le Steak’s desserts such as Lemon Curd Tart ($4.90), Belgium Waffles with Ice Cream ($7.90) and a newly introduced Crème Brulee ($6.50) evenly caramelised with raspberry within are a hit with customers too.

Updates: Daniel’s Food Diary will be introducing Chef Amri’s Le Steak with Jus!’s host Taufik, 20th May Monday 8:30pm in their Makan Blog segment on Suria Channel. It’s my first on Suria. Catch us!

Le Steak by Chef Amri
248 Jalan Kayu Singapore 799472 Tel: +65 6556 3588
Opening Hours: 3pm-11pm (Mon-Fri), 12pm-12am (Sat, eve PH), 12pm-11pm (Sun, PH)

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  1. Ur appearence on suria intrigues me to check out ur foodblog…. Bookmarked ur blog and shall read it at leisurely pace… 🙂

  2. Hi, I went there yesterday with my family and we find the place is quite cozie in the sense as we reach there at about 9pm.

    But theres few area which you would be able to improve
    1) The chef shall be meeting the customer for feedback if he wish to improve on his dishes for the people. rather than sitting in chattign with chef siti. You see people want to know about him and wat he think of his food that he serve..
    2) The service crew well,its ok for the customer to wait for the food, but at least inform them how long wil it takes to get the food serve and cutlery, the food serve doesnt come with the cutlery.I have to go to the station to get for myself.
    3) My first impression of the menu. Im very delighted to try most of the dishes. But I was dissapointed when I was inform that the mussels were sold out , the waffle were sold out and that shall not be happening .. with the celebrity chef newly open restaurant and got the publicity from the malay variety channel.
    4)In my personal point of view, the sauce or gravy serve along wt the steak and rack is insufficient, as I had comment from the people who I bring them along.
    You see, the food that you serve may comes from the normal propositon of u usually serve, but the people palate may be different. So if you have the interest of your customer, please,please get the comment to improve your dishes. I dont want to see the restaurant open and closed after a few month. hope you can make the difference.
    5) Last but not lease, is there any space for musholah for the muslim customer?
    Thank You

  3. Hi I'd like to reserve for 6 pax this coming 31st Jan for my mom's birthday . Tried calling the restaurant but I nvr got through. Admin olease assist,thank you.

    • Hi there, I am not the admin person of the restaurant. DO try calling again during their working hours. Happy birthday to your mum. 🙂

  4. Went there today with the kids. The beef Ribeye was ok, quite juicy at medium rare. Like Hady mentioned, presentation and service was lacking in the restaurant. it does not serve the food justice.
    The beef came with mash potatoes with soggy vegetables. As a western eatery, maybe your staff should experience proper western style restaurant service and food presentation.
    Would not recommend to anyone.


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