Largest tea brand in the world Lipton has just launched the world’s first pop-up high tea bar in Singapore, found at Plaza Singapura’s Level 1 main atrium. You won’t want to miss this very special High Tea.

If only every shopping centre has a space like this. Imagine getting tired while shopping at PS, and you can just go to the ground level for some hot aromatic tea with desserts or pastries to relax with your friends. And these treats are not just any ordinary cakes, but from the very popular Canelé.

You could be thinking that these high tea sets paired with sweet or savoury items must be quite expensive. Actually, all you need to do is to spend $25 at Plaza Singapura (which is really quite easy), or $15 worth of Lipton products to redeem the COMPLIMENTARY Lipton High Tea Set! Such good value.

I do need to tell you, this is limited to the first 420 redemptions per day, from 11am to 8:30pm, till 21 April. So you do not want to wait too late!

Excited already? The High Tea Sets include:

Lipton Yellow Label Tea with Lemon Macarons

Lipton Forest Fruit Tea with Chicken Mini Burger

Lipton Citrus Tea with Traditional Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich

Lipton Asian White Tea with Chestnut Cassis Sponge Cake

Lipton Blue Fruit Tea with Classic Cheesecake

Lipton Russian Earl Grey Tea with Le Chocolat Croustillant

The first three high tea sets are specially customized by Canelé Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo and he personally recommends his macarons which does pair very well with the Lipton Yellow Label Tea.

Of all the sweet selections, my favourite was the Le Chocolat Croustillant paired with Lipton’s Russian Earl Grey Tea, the cake being rich and luscious with Vanini Cocoa mousse layered with crispy chocolate praline. I like having chocolate cakes that is layered such that every bite becomes a mini adventure. There is even a gold foil at the side!

If you crave a light savoury bite, you can try the Chicken Mini Burger paired with Lipton Forest Fruit Tea. My favourite part is surprisingly the bun which is lightly toasted and not overly tough. It helps that I am a fan of poached chicken with mayo as well. The paired tea is light and uplighting, and helps in making you feel cleansed after a savoury snack.

Similar to wine-pairing, you can ask the service staff to recommend the most suitable tea to go along, or try the interesting interactive touch-screen tea menu. Tea-pairing is really a kind of art. If not, try the Lipton Blue Fruit Tea which has a refreshing slightly sweet balance of blackberry, blueberry and raspberry.

When you are there, do remember to take some shots of your pretty tea sets and upload to Instagram with the hashtag #liptonmomentsSG. Will be looking forward to see your photos, plus you may stand a chance to win a 3D2N Bali trip!

*This entry is brought to you by Lipton.


  1. Hi Daniel. Are those six items featured fixed offerings of the high-tea set? Or do we get to select (any) other desserts? I see that the items on the three tier stand are different.


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