A fellow food blogger said that F&B in Singapore now is all about concept and marketing, not about taste. My reply was, the test of time will tell if the quality of the food is good.

Pete’s Place at Hyatt Hotel is probably one of the few restaurants that have passed this test, having been around since 1973. That is 40 years!

You may have never discovered its existence even if you been to Hyatt, because it is located on the basement with only a staircase leading to the Italian restaurant. The last time I been to Pete’s Place was 5 years ago, and it remains exactly like how I remembered it to be: trattoria-style décor with red-bricked walls, dark wood furniture, checked table cloth and picture frames with black and white photos. (Read: Pete’s Place review written 5 years ago)

Pete’s Place specialises in authentic Italian cuisine from homemade pastas to wood-fired oven pizzas, just like how it started four decades ago. The salad buffet-stylee bar that features a healthy selection of greens is said to be very popular among the ladies.

The restaurant has a current special of Lombardy cuisine till 12 April, helmed by guest chef Loris Pistillo from Spasso of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok. This northern Italian region, which capital is Milan, has a more extravagant style of cuisine which is generally more buttery, creamy and cheesy.

Rice is popular in Lombardy, often found in soups as well as risotti.

It is no coincidence that my personal favourite dish of the lunch was the Pumpkin Risotto, Smoked Duck Ragù and Balsamic Glazed Shallots ($32). This risotto was also named “Best Risotto” at the Eurofood Mediterranean Fair in Bangkok in 2011. It was yellowish creamy – the way I like risotto to be done, yet not overly heavy and rich. Very balanced.

The glistening glazed shallots cleverly add a touch of aroma and a mild yet vibrant flavour. This is the only dish which I finished all the way to the last bit.

Although Chef Loris prefers to create savoury dishes, I particularly liked all his desserts, said to be inspired by what he eats back home since his childhood days. There is a sense of rustic simplicity without the frills and unnecessary embellishments, unlike many of the modern style desserts.

Among the sweets such as the Milano Sponge Cake ($9) and Country Chocolate Pine Nut Cake ($12), I really enjoyed the Crunchy Butternut Tart ($9) which is fun and pleasurable to eat like a giant golden cookie.

If these dishes and desserts can remind the Italians of home, you would get a similar sense of homeliness from the old-school décor, lively atmosphere, and impeccable friendly service from some of the older staff who has been working at Pete’s Place since its beginning.

Pete’s Place
Hyatt Hotel 10-12 Scotts Road Singapore 228211 (Orchard MRT) Tel No: +65 6732 1234
Opening Hours: 12:00 noon – 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
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  1. “A fellow food blogger said that F&B in Singapore now is all about concept and marketing, not about taste.” I kinda agree leh, like those newfangled restaurants that keep popping out, they have a great vibe but food is so-so. Of course, there are some really orgasmic old places around, but still to many Singaporeans, new is better. That’s why you (and I) write on new places. If not, we would be writing on old established restaurants.

    Anyway, wah, the guy in suit very cute!


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