Omakase Burger. So much hype. 8 Days says it’s “possibly the best burger in Singapore” and Straits Times says the burger “is king”.

That means I have to make it all the way to The Grandstand (former Turf City) twice, to first fulfill my curiosity and then give it another chance.

The name “Omakase” which means “I’ll leave it to you” or “entrust” may be slightly misleading because people may have expected the chef to be really innovative and prepare something different everything we go. That should be the way. I would like to try a “surprise” burger.

Banker-turned-restaurateur Cheng Hsin Yao created this Omakase burger after a year and a half of experimenting. Their final product is a result of a patty made with blends of USDA Choice Grade beefs with no fillers, a bun created by a Japanese artisanal baker, specially imported American cheese, and a sauce comprising of 13 secret ingredients.

You have to give credit to this man for trying.

The moment of truth: The Omakase Cheeseburger ($13.90) was really juicy yummy, with the soft pillow-like bun making eating a lot easier (I hate dry hard buns). One firm bite and everything goes into your mouth without the mess, while you can enjoy the full blend of flavours

The best part for me was the cheese, nicely enveloping the hand-ground beef patty.

My happiness was a little short-lived because the portion was too small to truly satisfy my burger hunger. No doubt it was good, I won’t call it the best yet. Plus, with no offence intended, I probably tasted something similar to some burger joints in Japan.

Their Oven-Baked Parmesan Chicken ($14.90) is also a specialty, where fresh chicken parts is breaded and baked with cheese coating and served with a raisin roll. While we were told to wait for 15 minutes as they only bake to order, ours came within 5.

The outer skin which reeks of parmesan cheese is really crunchy, while the inner meat drips drips drips with oil all over. Their given serviette is not enough for the grease! I don’t mind having this again though.

Omakase Burger is possibly one the best burger in Singapore, though not the best (yet), and seems suit to be one of the many princes.

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand #01-05, Singapore 287994 Tel: +65 6763 2698
Free shuttle services from Newton, Botanical Gardens and Toa Payoh MRT Station on hourly frequency
Opening Hours: 11.30am- 3,30pm, 5- 9.30pm (Mon- Thu), 11am – 10pm (Fri- Sun)

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  1. Daniel, after reading this review of the awesome Omakase Burger, I was wondering if you would do an article on Vada Pav (Bombay Burger) in Singapore? Why not focus on the island’s best ‘exotic’ burgers, like the Vada Pav, or the Guo Bao etc. Do you know anywhere in Singapore that sells Vada Pav? Komala’s don’t anymore.


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