I always have certain reservations for conveyor belt sushi despite my liking for Japanese food. Would the sushi stay fresh after going round and round and round? And yikes, we may have seen customers checking their goods and returning them back to the belt. Touched or untouched, I do not wish to know!

While our mobile companies are still crippling with the various Gs, Genki Sush at Chinatown Pointi has a new and rather sophisticated system – ordering your sushi from an iPad. Ah, the beauty of technology.

How it works: You browse the menu via an iPad mini, and make your orders directly from there. I was initially skeptical. Would the machine get my orders right? Would it bill wrongly? Tested and tried – it works.

You can order anything, from sushi, sashimi, soups to cooked dishes, and it would be delivered via a Kousoku Express system which looks like toy Shinkansen bullet train. Yes, there is an electronic track going around the dining tables.

In a manner of saying about 2 minutes, my smoked duck sushi ($2.30) came delivered via an electric red train. While your mum may say “Don’t play with food”, this system makes food ordering clean, fast and fun. The flipside is: the sushi rice is molded by sushi robots, lacking that human touch.

Usually the service staff would count your coloured plates at the end of the meal to indicate how much you have consumed and spent. Here, the empty sushi plates are slipped into a return slot and off they go. Your final bill would be indicated in that same iPad mini, making it uncomplicated for keeping track without the table filled with Jenga of plates.

There are some new spring “Haru selects” from Genki Sushi and I would recommend the Cream Cheese Premium Shrimp Sushi ($5.80), Ohtoro Sushi ($5.80), Salmon Supreme Sushi ($3.80), and the Asari Miso Soup ($3.80).

My main reservation for most conveyor belt sushi is the rice – usually dry and clumpy. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much from Genki Sushi but was astonished when I tried the Scallop Carpaccio Sushi ($5.80). The rice actually tasted rather refined and superior, which I learnt is made using top-grade Koshihikari aromatic short-grain rice, cooked in purified water, and cost three times more than usual.

Once your group eats up to 8 plates, you stand a chance to play jackpot on the iPad. The five of us played for 4 rounds, after 32 plates. Nope, didn’t win anything, but ended up with a food coma.

Genki Sushi
Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road #02-33 (Chinatown MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

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  1. Genki sushi just likes fast food! Rice they used may be real Niigata rice, but the rice of sushi is very loose, doesn’t like normal sushi at all. The fish they used for sushi is not as fresh as I think. Anyway, I would not go to this restaurant.


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