Like most couples, LP+Tetsu is a classic case of how two very different parties can get together looking quite incompatible, but are in fact are a match made in heaven.

LP is short for Laurent Peugeot, the one-star Michelin French chef of Le Charlemagne in Burgundy France; while Tetsu is a Japanese restaurant known for its tonkatsu, operated under Food Junction. The initial difference looks startling and strange; though few may know that Chef Peugeot also owns a Sushikai Japanese restaurant, while Food Junction runs a series of restaurants from 1 Market by Chef Wan, Medz to Eggs & Berries.

In short, LP+Tetsu has turned out to be a contemporary fine dining restaurant, strongly influenced by both traditional and modern French and Japanese culinary techniques and ingredients, and given a local twist with the addition of spices and the use of native produce to arouse taste buds.

In the mood for love, the following is the Valentine’s Day Special Menu. Otherwise, its gastronomic journey of the usual menu of six dishes, cheese platter and a surprise dessert is priced at $190. Even then, their menu changes every few months to keep the dishes refreshing and innovative.

The starter is already a reason to fall in love with the restaurant. Their Oshi Sushi is no ordinary maki, but akami tuna with sliced foie gras served on sushi rice and seaweed powder. A sight to behold, with a taste to remember, this dish exemplifies how traditional Japanese food can be given a modern day twist yet still taste memorably-good. Yes, French foie gras and Japanese sushi is an agreeable complement for each other.

Its Wagyu Beef, of tamago with creamy miso pearls, kimpira salsifis herbs is almost a visual spectacular and work of art. As it was wagyu, I did wish there was less of a distraction around for us to fully concentrate on relishing the quality of the beef.

It seems that cheese dishes are its forte, and was highly recommended its 18 month-old Comte Cheese with celery and atsina herb. I say this is a love-hate relationship. Fans of aged cheese would love its distinct unforgettable flavour, while some may find it too strong, too intense.

A friend who could not stop raving about LP+Tetsu said this has got to be one of the best Japanese restaurants locally. (Well technically it shouldn’t be considered just Japanese).

Overall, some of its dishes are really impressive and you feel that LP-Tetsu deserves more to its credit. Some offerings may fall flat for being over-ambitious with too much going on. Less can be more, and it really depends really on what you end up choosing. Price aside, this is one restaurant I would recommend for all its attractive-looking food. Yes, I do love based on appearances.

163, Tanglin Road, #03-18 Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933, Tel: +65 6836 3112
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm-10:30pm

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