Somehow this feels like the right season to have some steaming tasty Japanese hot pot, and I found my way to Danro under the Ministry of Food (MOF) hybrid at NEX. Not a big fan of buffet though, since I am a small eater (*cough cough*) and you don’t usually get much quality food at all-you-can-eat places.

My table of four was first very surprised at the pricing – $16.90++ for weekday lunch, $22.90++ for weekday dinner, and $24.90++ for weekend dinner. Danro also offer very special rates for senior citizens and children. (I wonder how they earn!) Well, having hot pot is a great way to bond together with family and friends yah?

The food here may not come in large massive quantities, but had quality ingredients such as salmon, prawns, shabu shabu beef and pork. Sushi, deep fried items, fresh fruits, soft serve ice cream, assorted daily desserts and drinks are ALL-IN. Though I can probably skip all the seafood, and just spend my time shabu-ing away and dipping the thinly-sliced meats into home-made ponzu sauce and sambal chilli. Oishii!

Danro is the 1st hot pot restaurant in Singapore serving specialty hot pots from different regions in Japan – nine in total. Each pot is a half-half ‘yuan-yang’ with two choices of soup. That also meant we managed to try four soup bases. Great since Singaporeans love variety.

Our favourite was the Chicken and Milk Broth from the Nara region, a light and popular tasting soup with balanced savour of chicken, tofu and mushrooms. While I hear that many locals do not fancy the lighter Wafu soup from Akita, this was my next favourite as it brings out the flavours of the dory fish slices and beef.

The soups here are cooked for at least 10 hours and are therefore richer than the usual steamboat soups. Most should enjoy Chicken Spicy Broth while ramen soup lovers would also like the Tonkotsu Miso. (The other choices are Chicken Paitan, Tonkotsu, Chicken Miso, and Wafu Miso.)

Somehow Japanese style broths just taste more delicate and refreshing, without the overpowering heavy MSG-filled soups offered in some steamboat restaurants. If you are a fan of nabemono, this is warm comfort food. As with all hot pot, the soup just gets better and tastier with time. (I just spent most of my time drinking the soup rather than eating the ingredients.)

Our table was presented with 4 sticks of rice which looked rather strange, like carb sausages. Call us mountain tortoises. The rice skewer is Danro’s signature food called the Kiritanpo. It was slightly and sweet-salty carb, not bad when the rice absorbs the soup. The Kiritanpo is a traditional rice stick, a must-have with Japanese hot pot which the head chef Kazunori Sonoda insisted on including. “This is Japanese culture!”

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DANRO Japanese Hot Pot Buffet by MOF
Serangoon NEX #02-04/06 (Serangoon MRT) Tel: +65 6634 4608
Operating hours: Mon-Thurs, Sun & PH 11:30am-3:30pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm; Fri-Sat & Eve PH 11:30am – 3:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm

*The above entry brought to you by Ministry of Food (MOF).


  1. Din get to eat this in Japan becos weather was not cold enough to give the restaurants a reason to serve this… so now die die must try.

  2. Can't say which I would like yet as have yet to try this place – but I am a sucker for anything with Miso… so I think I will like that!

  3. I’m keen to try the Chicken and Milk Broth cause walked past Danro recently when i was at Nex and this lady was introducing this broth to me ^_^

  4. Thanks Daniel for introducing something so special & near me!
    Funny, didn notice when I pass by yestereday n it does looks yummier after reading your review! The power of reviews! LOL.. would love to b blessed! 😉

  5. My favorite is Tonkotsu Miso because it is s the Holly Grail of noodle soup broths. It’s thick, creamy and nearly white in color. Every mouthful I can simply taste the natural shimmering concentrated flavour of the ingredients. For a person like me who do not eat spicy food, this is definitely my best choice.

  6. I love to try this jap hotpot. I want to try the tonkotsu soup base. The soup broth is thick and I’m a ramen fans. Can’t wait to try !!

  7. Definitely Wafu soup from Akita for me. It brings out the authenticity and flavour of each food item so you get to satisfy everybody's taste buds. The best part is you save the best for last, soup climax! Soup sooo rich in everything (after all the food you have put in. Now that's what I call a grand finale.

  8. Definitely Wafu soup from Akita for me. It brings out the authenticity and flavour of each food item so you get to satisfy everybody’s taste buds. The best part is you save the best for last, soup climax! Soup sooo rich in everything (after all the food you have put in. Now that’s what I call a grand finale.

  9. Not tried it before but I guess I would like the Chicken and Milk Broth since its light and bring out the flavour of the ingredients.

  10. I'll love to try the chicken spicy broth because a good combination of spiciness and chicken is hard to find in Singapore. What's more, being a big fan of Japanese food, the Japanese hot pot from Danro is something that I would not want to miss out on. The wide variety of food choices and the soup base is definitely enticing and making it drool.

  11. I have not try this yet but I guess my favourite would be Chicken & Milk Broth from Nara because of its health benefits. Great for gathering and makan session with friends. 🙂 By the way, I note that there are two prices for weekend dinner but no weekday dinner on your blog post. Typo error I guess. 😛

  12. I guess this is a new eatery at NEX! 2stops away from my house 🙂 thanks daniel for the post! shall go try out the japanese style broths as I find usually such broths would be salty.. hope it does change my impression! GAMBATTE!

  13. It would be the chicken and milk broth. Using milk to thicken the chicken broth reduces the amount of fat and calories, and it will definitely taste great but less sinful.

  14. My favorite currently would be the Chicken and Milk broth because it is light, refreshing and flavorful! It makes you feel warm and makes you want to drink another spoon of it. Also, I would very much like to try the spicy chicken broth someday 🙂

  15. I have never been to DANRO but I’d love to visit! I prefer lighter soups as I feel they bring out the flavour of the ingredients that have been cooked in it, so I think my favourite would be the Wafu soup (:

  16. My favourite will be the Chicken and milk broth as it sounds delicious from the description & something that i have not try before. 🙂

  17. Chicken and milk broth! CAUSE I LOVE MILK! 😀 😀 😀 and milk enhances the taste of the chicken making the broth thick, rich and flavourful.

  18. Would love to try the Spicy chicken broth! And with a Yuan-Yang pot, i will be able to have best of both worlds! 1 spicy 1 milk broth! Dipping the thin pork slices= yummmmmy!

  19. I think i would love the Tonkotsu Miso as i love ramen and the strong flavor of broth and the milky broth as is creamy and good as a base for pork slice!

  20. Chicken and Milk Broth is my top choice. The special combi of chicken mix with milk produce the tasty aroma in the broth that will only leave me craving for more. Yummy !

  21. Like and shared (: my favorite would be spicy chicken broth! Coz im a chicken lover and love anything spicy. Best of both world to have this soup base (:

  22. I prefer the chicken and milk broth. it should bring out the essence of chicken taste and the milk will provide the soothing and smooth experience from the hotness. it would be like having kopi/tea with milk, only that this is now substituted with chicken broth and milk. a 'milky chicken' experience I might say…………..

  23. Liked and shared! Would love to try it!! My favorite is the chicken and milk broth because I’ve tried something similar in Japan and it was fantabulous. Now the photos you took leaves me craving for it again!

  24. Tonkotsu! ε(๑^ᴗ^๑)з The rich and thick pork-bone soup is my favorite, uber delicious! Plus collagen is good for the skin ♥

  25. Chicken and Milk Broth is my favorite! I have never tried milk broth before and this sounds really delicious and interesting, especially with all my favorite ingredients used like chicken, tofu and mushrooms 🙂

  26. My favourite is the Tonkotsu Miso! I don't take spicy , so usually I'll just have the traditional chicken herbal or seafood base in the past. Now with Tonkotsu Miso, I can try out something different!

  27. My favorite would be Chicken Spicy Broth. I like my broth with the sweet taste of chicken plus spiciness! All the food cooked in this broth would taste especially fresh, sweet and delicious!

  28. My favourite DANRO broth is Chicken & Milk Broth because it is lovingly prepared from yummy ingredients that I love: chicken, mushrooms, shrimp, tofu and vegetables.

  29. I'm a ramen soup lover, so judging from this wonderful review, I guess I would like the Tonkotsu Miso! Hope to win this 🙂

  30. My fabourite broth is chicken and milk, cos it’s very tasty and I spent most of the time drinking the soup than eating anything else! It also does not make me feel thirsty after the meal, which goes to show that their soups do not contain any MSG.

  31. The Chicken and Milk Broth sounds tempting.. .a light and popular tasting soup with balanced savour of chicken, tofu and mushrooms. Oishii !!!

  32. I love the milk and chicken broth because there includes my favourite ingredients and i have nevery try milk broth soup base before too!

  33. Liked and shared. I'd love to try the chicken and milk broth because I've tasted something similar in Taiwan and miss it so much! 😀

  34. I am a fan of steamboat !! Haven tried danro before!! Would like to try the chicken spicy broth !! Just in time for cny !!!!

  35. I love the sound of the chicken and milk broth because it sounds healthy and yummy. Chinese new year is around the corner too! Thanks for the giveaway and happy cny!

  36. Would love to give the Chicken and Milk Broth a try! Its a broth that is rarely seen in Singapore and it is sure going to be yummy and not kcal-loading 🙂

  37. I love Japanese Hot Pot & Buffet.
    Just sitting around the table either with friends or family, taking our time to cook the food and chit chat.

  38. I like soups to be rich and full of substance, would definitely go for chicken & milk broth.. sounds like they put in alot of sincerity.. cooking it over 10 hours. Much as the soup base is important, the quality of the meat has caught my attention too. Worth a visit!

  39. So many to try with delectable good tasting yummylicious broths but my favourite choice would have to be Tonkotsu Miso! The creamy thick soup brew more than 10 hours a day will certainly sip through perfectly and will never go wrong with the wide varieties of food choices that comes together, Danro, I'll certainly be heading for more to try out all the soup bases one by one! 🙂

  40. I will go for the chicken and milk broth! Its a perfect combination of my favourites! Chicken never go wrong and milk naturally beautify my skin from within! Seriously no one can resist the temptation of 10 hours hard work whipping up the fantastic soup! Let alone the varieties that are going along with it…. slurps***!! I can see myself shabu-ing real soon!

    I would really wanna try the spicy chicken broth cause…… I love spice and it's rare to find really spicy japanese soup! 😀 <3

  42. My favourite would be Chicken & Milk broth. I always love my hotpot steamboat soup to be thick & drinkable. Love it when I can taste the concentrated chicken flavour with every mouthful. Simply yummlicious 😀

  43. I like the Chicken and Milk Broth. Just the name of it is making want to go try it as soon as possible! After eating so much, I can still drink the broth which is made from real ingredients. Milk has beauty effect to the skin, so I would feel less sinful drinking it 🙂

  44. Congrats to Justin Chong, Ioyces, Feng Chen, Yvonne Quek, Siew Nah, Tan Yi Jing, Soh Ching, Sasha Ng, Eunice Kong, and Roger Cheng.

    You have each won for yourself a $20 voucher from Danro Singapore to enjoy the delicious Japanese hotpot buffet. Please send an email to with your contact details.

    Thank you everyone for taking part. There are so many of you, and we can only randomly pick 10. Hopefully you win in the next giveaway! 🙂


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