Photographs create moments, and a good camera will help to build good memories. Ever been to a magical place, or experienced something so wonderful, but yet regretting not bringing a handy camera along to capture those moments? We have all been THERE before.

So I thought that the I WAS THERE initiative by Samsung, which takes “Samsung reporters” for various extraordinary adventures, bringing people to places they could only imagine, was such a fantastic one.

After a successful GALAXY Camera Fans’ Exclusive Event at The Line, I suggested to Samsung to take our lucky Samsung reporters on an Italian food journey at Da Paolo BistroBar.

Let’s see… wonderful open ambience at the Rochester, delicious Italian cuisines, plus the chance to make Da Paolo’s signature Tiramisu and meet the cute-looking Chef Andrea Scarpa, our Samsung reporters Steve, Juliana and Stephanie certainly had a different I WAS THERE experience.

And aren’t we honoured to be part of the inaugural I WAS THERE?

Our Samsung reporters were all armed with the best equipment, the new Samsung GALAXY Camera (retailing at $698 without contract) which runs on the Andriod 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) platform for them to connect, upload and share photos DIRECTLY from the camera.

Interesting, ALL the reporters coincidentally happened to be Samsung GALAXY Note users, so they got so familiar with the GALAXY Camera in minutes. I think they got even better than me after playing around with their toy for a while. (It’s pretty idiot proof anyway!)

Some of the key features of the GALAXY Camera are its 16 megapixel lens with a surprisingly long 21x Zoom with bright F/2.8 at wide angle. One thing we all noticed was that the screen was unusually wide and big, so you can view the pictures clearly and fully. Best if you want to take your food pictures up close. There are also no protruding buttons, and all controls and apps are easily found on the screen.

These are what our Samsung Reporters had: Fresh Taglatelle with crab meat in lobster bisque sauce, and Spaghetti Aglio Olio with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and rocket salad. All were taken under dim romantic lighting without the use of flash.

The highlight of the I WAS THERE was the creation of Da Paolo’s signature tiramisu with Chef Andrea’s guidance. I think we were all better in food-taking than food-making. Though the four of us were slightly clumsy in the kitchen, it was certainly an experience we would not forget.

This is our final creation… good or not?

For the next Samsung I WAS THERE, you’ll want to be part of it! Win tickets to an exclusive Meet & Greet with Korean pop group SKarf & a chance to win GALAXY Camera! Can I say want to be THERE?! Details at Samsung Mobile Singapore’s FaceBook page.

* The above entry is brought to you by Samsung Mobile Singapore. All photos on this blogpost are taken with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.

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