White, black, red, yellow, orange. They are not just colours of cupcakes, macarons or xiao long bao, but the ramen flavours of new shop Keishoken Ramen at Great World City. (Read: 5 New & Best Ramen Places in Singapore)

Keishoken Ramen is part of the Ebisboshi Shotengai group of restaurants, which also includes Bishamon, Uomasa and Jyoshoken. That means you can order your sushi and yakitori from various stalls, and even sapporo ramen from Bishamon and seasonal tsukemen at Jyoshoken. (Read: Daikokuya which is also under the same group)

A few restaurants in one is probably their specialty, as they are also behind the Ramen Champion concept in Singapore. Incidentally, Keishoken Ramen first originated locally at Ramen Champion’s branch found in Terminal 3 Changi Airport.

Now, Orange ramen? You may have thought it is made with the fruit, but the ramen is actually topped with a ‘ball’ of ingredients blended with ginger, garlic, apple, minced pork and …… Peanut Butter!

I just had to order it. The peanut buttery Orange Ramen ($13.00) strangely works, and is not overly strong in its execution. Would I order it again? The novelty was not exciting enough in flavours to want to make me commit to another bowl. I also did wish the bowl colour was in a more vibrant orange than boring black.

The Yellow Ramen ($13.00) works better if you enjoy weirdness. Yellow? Curry desu. It is blended with minced pork, onions, green onions, appeal, tomato, ginger and some soft potato cubes. The curry is not too robust, and adds just a light variety to the original broth.

The creator of Keishoken ramen is a youthful-looking Chef Kazuo Sukuraoka with 13 outlets in Japan. Accordingly, a lot of fresh vegetables are added to get rid of the unpleasant strong taste of pork. The noodles are the long, thin and springy thin, in case you are a fan.

If you need some comfort food, Keishoken Ramen is not good enough to ‘wow’ but still satisfying.

Additional thing to note: The fact that there are other shops under the same umbrella also means you have to compete for attention from the very thinly-spread wait staff. I asked for green tea and iced water from 4 waitresses. 4 different waitresses. An hour later, I still did not get a single cup of water.

Keishoken Ramen at Ebisboshi Shotengai Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, #01-22 Singapore 237994, Tel: +65 6235 6190
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm (Sun-Thurs), 11:30am – 11:30pm (Fri-Sat)

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