According to Google’s annual Zeitgeist, Singapore’s most searched “Food and Drinks” keywords are: 1 Rainbow Cake, 2 Chilled Beancurd (Tau Hway), 3 Cupcakes, 4 Chocolate Cake, 5 Sushi. 6 Korean Bbq, 7 Pizza, 8 Fried Chicken, 9 Xiao Long Bao, 10 Fish And Chips

I would think I have contributed to a few words up there, especially No. 2 (haha). If you ask me, Buffet, Ramen, Brunch, Eggs Benedict, and Pancakes should have made it to the list too. Really, more Singaporeans search for ‘Fish and Chips’ than ‘Buffets’?

Interesting in terms of food types, the most popular search for does not differ much from Google’s list, with 1 Paris Baguette, 2 Rainbow Cake, 3 Twelve Cupcakes, 4 Poulet, 5 Eggs & Berries, 6 Menya Musashi, 7 PoTeaTo, 8 Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, 9 Sophisca and 10 NeNe Chicken taking some of the most searched keywords. And here are the Top 5 most searched posts.

Paris Baguette – Korean Bakery Finally Comes to Singapore, But Why Seoul Expensive?
Located at Level 2 Wisma Atria, Paris Baguette has replaced DingTai Fung and attracted throngs of office crowd and the Korean expat community to land their support. Because it is newly opened, its self-service ordering system, service crunch, and lack of seats due to its popularity may throw you back a little. The Scrambled Egg Brioche Brunch ($18.00) is a photogenic dish with chorizo on toasted brioche, and the eggs evenly prepared and cooked. If we were to judge by the eggs alone, yes it is fresh delicious, but somehow lacks a punch. I like its clean open concept, and its wide selection from bread, sandwiches, salads to puddings for takeaways for the busy lunchtime crowd.

Le Chocolat Café – Go WOW with The Rainbow Cake
The Rainbow Cake seems to be the next big thing in the world of cafes and cake shops. I had my Rainbow Cake at Le Chocolat Café for $7 a slice. When the cake arrived, we almost went for an orgasmic “wow”. The bright red-orange-yellow-green-blue-dark purple cake was covered with chocolate and dripping beautifully with chocolate. It felt like chocolate rain over the velvet sky. What the Rainbow Cake can promise in beauty, it may not in taste. Every layer was almost too sweet, possible over-enhanced with the food colourings. And if you closed your eyes to eat them, it would just feel like a saccharine butter cake.

The Story of Twelve Cupcakes
Twelve Cupcakes was founded by Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong – the celebrity couple who met on the set of Mr Kiasu, got married, had a kid, and opened 5 cupcake shops. Their cupcakes had earned very positive reviews from critics, fans and friends, with some saying this is probably the best cupcake found in Singapore. Never mind if owner Daniel Ong got himself in the news too much times with brushes with SPH and his neighbours, it probably brought him a lot more publicity and attention. Twelve cupcakes are pretty in pink and delightful, almost to send fellow colleagues and friends in delight if you takeaway for them, kept in equally beautiful pink boxes.

Poulet – Thai Express Opens a Délicieux French Restaurant at Bugis+
Poulét (pronounced Poo-lay, meaning chicken) is a new French casual dining restaurant at Bugis+ offering adorable French classics to the masses at Bugis Plus. (Read: New Poulet branch at Great World City). The star of the restaurant has to be its Poulet Roti ($15.80 for half, $28.80 for whole), or chicken – brined for a full day in a traditional recipe and placed in a rotisserie for a slow roast to tan to a golden brown. Its home-made white and creamy mushroom Chardonnay Sauce is probably one of the best and addictive chicken sauces I had in a long time.

Eggs & Berries – Everything with Eggs. Berry Nice
An entire restaurant selling everything with eggs and berries. The very idea thrilled me a little, having my mind torn between having eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, omelettes, sunny-side-ups, Or waffles, pancakes, sliced cakes and crepes. How can you come here without trying the Eggs Benedict ($12.80) right? The two poached eggs were adorably oval looking, oozing out york goodness on top of English muffins, bacon and a rosti-tasting hash brown. Other than the cheap tasting ham, the dish was delightfully wonderful.

What do you think will be the HOT Food keywords for 2013?

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