A food blogger like me loves to travel around to scout for the best restaurants. Yet lugging a DSLR seems too heavy for long distance holidays, and the mobile phone camera is just not sharp enough for food photography.

So that problem is solved with the new Samsung GALAXY Camera, which comes in an elegant white. Love it!

Retailing at $698 (without contract), this runs on Andriod 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) platform meaning you can connect, upload and share photos DIRECTLY from the camera. Amazing!

Imagine this. It may sound ridiculous and cumbersome, but during holidays I can end up taking photos with my DSLR, transferring the files to my laptop, then transferring again to my phone for an edited picture to be uploaded on the various social media platforms. That’s if you do not mind the fuss. Or the additional weight during travels.

With 3G or Wi-Fi connection, I can now shoot the photo with the GALAXY Camera, edit it with the GALAXY Camera, and upload to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the GALAXY Camera. This IS an all-in–one device (You can check out my photos taken on Instagram @DanielFoodDiary with hashtag #GALAXYCamera).

Samsung users can also share photo easily with in-app functions such as ChatON Photo Share to send photos directly to other Wi-Fi devices within range.

I was invited by Samsung to host a fans’ exclusive event at one of the best buffet restaurants The Line at Shangri-la, and what better way to test the camera by taking various photos of the food line-up.

What’s your verdict?

This smart camera has a 16 megapixel lens with a focal length of 4.1mm-86.1mm with an effective (35mm) focal length of 23mm-483mm. While I won’t say the photos are exactly DSLR quality, they are pretty neat and can be easily edited using basic tools like Photoshop or Photo Wizard that can be downloaded straight to the GALAXY Camera.

Some of the other plus points
– You can shoot in Auto, Smart or Manual mode. I took some photos in Auto which is really quite idiot proof, or Smart Macro for close-ups.
– It has a 21X super long 100% optical zoom which would come in handy for concert performance and sports events (like when you bought the cheaper tickets but still want a good shot of the stars)
– I realised I did not bring an additional storage card or laptop to transfer the files. But hey, I recalled there is Dropbox, and all I needed to do was to download the app and store the photos. All done within a few minutes.

The only thing is that you cannot use your camera to make a phonecall (though you can do VOIP calls using apps like skype), and battery can run low in day when you are running too many apps.

If you want a new ‘toy’ which is fresh and fun, and sharing current photos over social media is your thing, then the Samsung GALAXY Camera is one something you can really consider.

* The above entry is brought to you by Samsung Mobile Singapore. All photos on this blogpost are taken with the Samsung GALAXY Camera.



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