With healthy salads in popularity now, Maki San with its design your own Japanese-inspiring salad or sushi roll is very appealing. This outlet at The Cathay Handy Road must be the first of its kind in Singapore, and I was excited to know I am put almost anything I want in my rice rolls.

You can customize salads and sushi, with over 80 ingredients to choose from, including a twist with some of the localized dressing. Char siew, Japanese curry, Thai chilli sauce? The extra specials ($2.50 per potion) some of my favourite fillings such as teriyaki chicken, smoked duck, grilled unagi, tempura prawn and roast beef.

The price is pretty affordable as well, $6.90 for a ‘Little San’ and $9.90 ‘Mega San’. So students from the nearby SOTA, Lasalle and NAFA can venture over for a treat without feeling overly broke.

My sushi essential was a combination of shredded chicken, Japanese omelette and avocado, wrapped with healthy brown rice including a very special char siew sauce. Instead of the usual seaweed, mine was covered in soy with sesame wrap.

It took me a while to decide because there were just too many ingredients to tick out of the order form. After which, a ‘sushi robot’ would slice the maki roll into eight almost-equal pieces contained in a artistically beautiful box. (If the box was stained with the char siew sauce, I would have brought it back to keep paper clips.)

Honestly, I was not expecting much as a shop like Maki San felt rather gimmicky, but was so wrong. The sushi was actually satisfyingly delicious with all the ingredients mixed in, and healthy tasting too. My guess is how good the sushi would taste would also depend on what you pick.

My choice of salad was Mixed Veggies with roasted mushrooms, silken tofu, roasted pumpkin, topped with chicken floss and dressed with yuzu sesame. Another plus point is the portions are quite generous for its price of $7.90.

While Maki San’s location at The Cathay is not the best, I am a convert and was impressed with the execution of the whole concept – creative and inspiring with all the cute Japanese drawings. Now, wondering what I would include in a “Daniel-san” sushi that would best represent myself.

Christmas Giveaway – Maki San vouchers!
Maki San will be giving 5 pairs of Maki-Lucki Vouchers for Daniel’s Food Diary readers to redeem two “Little San Sushi”.

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Results will be announced Thurs 6 Dec 2012. Contest winners must have local Singapore addressses.

The Cathay, 2 Handy Road #B1-17/18 Singapore 229233 (Dhoby Gaut MRT), Tel:+65 6737 8772
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm Daily

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  1. I would love to have Japanese omelette and avocado, smoked duck, tempura mushrooms, Wasabi Mayo, soft shell crab, vegetables…. yummy~

  2. My ingredients for “Daniel San” sushi would be Avocado, Japanese omelette, roast beef, tempura prawn and brown rice with seaweed wrap. I choose the traditional seaweed wrap as there is no vegetable in it. It should taste good with the char siew sauce. 🙂

  3. Avocado is a must for me! Then i will add on smoked duck, soft shell crab, japanese omelette with wasabi mayo. A bit of everything i like all rolled in one =)

  4. All that went into Daniel San sushi were Shredded Chicken, Japanese omelette & Avocado, wrapped with Healthy Brown rice that includes a special Char Siew sauce. Last but not least, covered in Soy in Sesame wrap 🙂 *yumsYums!

  5. Hi Daniel! Liked and shared your facebook post! I ‘ve visited Maki-san twice and this is my favourite MEGA-SAN combo!!

    For my Daniel San sushi in the name of fun~~~

    1) The usual Sushi rice with seaweed~

    2) 5 ESSENTIALS ARE the followings~ ( I usually order those that usually has higher ingredient cost and is my fave! i know i abit cheapo hehe)
    ->CORN(corn lover here!)

    ->STEAMED EBI ( lots of mini crunchy texture! )

    ->TEMPURA ONION ( It is freshly fried after placing order, fresh stuffs is good! Gives the sushi lots of crunch in the middle and caramelized onion is very savory!)

    ->TOBIKO ( flying fish roe , Fish roe taste awesome!! )

    ->JAPANESE CUCUMBER ( gives a really fresh crunch to the sushi overall! Although the cost price is low lol~ )

    3) Special!
    -> Tempura Soft shell crab! ( extremely savory !! )

    ->Chicken floss ( gives a really good after taste la! also a bit crunchy when it turn moist abit when mixed with other ingredients)

    5) Sauce
    ->Wasabi Mayo! ( To me, Sushi is not completed without wasabi! Mayo is good with fried foods, especially the tempura ingredients in my fave roll! Wasabi adds a kick to the sushi overall)

    Quite value for $9.90 🙂 Hope the other readers could try my creation!

  6. Hi!


    But unfortunately i never know there is a handmade sushi store and by request sushi roll in singapore..

    I really wish to try it!

    I would like to order a normal sushi white rice with nori, salmon, tobiko, soft shell crab, ebi, avocado and topped with spicy mayo sauce if they have those ingredient…

    Cant wait to try it! <3

  7. My version of a Daniel san sushi would be with brown rice, Japanese omelette,tempura prawn, Chicken floss, with spicy mayo. and soy with sesame wrap.

  8. Mmm, a maki wrapped with torched salmon belly with ebiko roe dusting the tops. The insides would be filled with avacados, kani salad, tuna and sticky chili sauce! YUMMEH 😀 Now you’ve got me hungry 🙁

  9. Japanese white rice, tobiko, japanese cucumber & salmon sashimi that ends with ponzu dressing. The combination is refreshing, crunchy and appetizing

  10. Japanese white rice, traditional nori, tobiko, japanese cucumber & salmon sashimi that ends with ponzu dressing. The combination is refreshing, crunchy and appetizing

  11. Congrats to Charmane Yeo, Tommy Leung, Tan Yi Ying, Jun Liang, and Rosemarry Sim Yee! You have won a pair of Maki-Lucki Vouchers to redeem two “Little San Sushi”. To redeem, please email to DanielFoodDiary@gmail.com with your name and address.

    Arigatoo and Merry Christmas in advance!

    (The rest, look out for other yummy Christmas giveaways. There are more!)


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