You have to agree that many Singaporeans are workaholics, tirelessly slogging extended hours into the nights and sometimes during weekends. We all have our fair share of co-workers who skip meals to complete projects, send proposal emails at 3am, and do not have the other leisure life of sports and hobbies. No Work-Life Balance ah!

Are you one of them?

Several government agencies and organisations are already encouraging employees to have a work-life balance, by letting them work less OT and leave home before sunset, with the hope that they make more babies for Singapore. Doesn’t seem to be really working, well, at least they are trying.

The good news is Phillips Singapore is initiating The ‘+’ Project to invite Singaporeans to share in a survey how we can improve the quality of lives in Singapore, and achieve better work-life balance. After the survey, you can vote for the idea that means the most to you, enter a draw to win weekly and grand prizes worth up to $10,000! It is not just a survey because whichever idea is chosen will get implemented. (Take Part in Survey)

Singaporean youths who want to achieve work-life balance

5 of the ideas that seek to improve the health and well-being of people in Singapore include
1) Heart Matters – Train more Singaporeans on CPR and AED to enhance well-being
2) National Picnic Day – Evening of fun featuring celebrity chefs and fitness activities
3) Parents’ University – Give all parents an upgrade to develop skills
4) Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids – Schools programmes for improved learning environments
5) Mothers’ Best Friends – Mothers’ corners that provide advice and comfortable spaces for breastfeeding

I personally just signed up for a CPR and AED course. Never know when you need these life-saving skills.

I am all for the five ideas to be implemented. The current top votes go to “Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids”, and yes it is ironic that even kids nowadays have so much home ‘work’ (from both school and tuition classes) that they do not have time to enjoy their childhood and develop their talents.

If this idea is implemented, I hope for few possible things to happen 1) More delicious and healthier canteen food (why are our kids loving burgers and fries?) 2) More visits to places of nature, without students having to do worksheets 3) Letting the young develop in arts, dance or music, without the examinations 4) Children to be engaged in different forms of sports, from swimming to table tennis. It shouldn’t be just about tuition classes.

Philips has committed to develop the winning idea and will invest up to US$50,000 to get it started. So vote for your favourite idea now because it will come to fruition!

Preliminary results from the #TakeCareSg survey: Only 12% of respondents exercise at least 3 times a week. Got no time?

10 Ways to Take Care of Work-Life Balance
I have a few jobs to manage, study for my Masters (previously), and take care of my handicapped parents. Life can get pretty busy and stressful at times, yet I make it a point to rest well and still meet up my friends regularly for meals and gym classes (talk about balancing off!). These are 10 ways I use to remind myself to live a better balanced life.

REST – Rest when it’s time to rest, only work when it’s time to work.
SLEEP – Fix a time to sleep during workday. (For me, it’s 11pm and my alarm will set off a reminder)
PLAY – Indulge a sport or hobby, and get your good friends or loved ones involved so that there are no excuses.
EAT – Eat at least one good meal a week, and really take your time for that one meal.
COOK – Cook for your family. It’s tiring but the joy of bonding and seeing them savour your creations is immense. If I had the resources, I would definitely push for a nation-wide #CookForFamily Campaign.
TRAVEL – No better way to get rejuvenated than to be away and immerse in a different culture.
BREATHE – Slow down to enjoy the moment, All. The. Time.
READ – Read a book. Technology makes us skim, but its reading that makes us think.
LISTEN – Listen to your thoughts and your body
DREAM – The impossible may just become possible if you give yourself time to do it.

Magnets reminding us to “Take Care of Ourselves”

If you have other ways to achieve that Work-Life Balance, share your ideas with The The ‘+’ Project by Phillips Singapore and Tweet & Instagram with the hashtag #TakeCareSG & #SGPlus.

You can also visit the Philips TAKE CARE installation at Raffles Place (last day today!) and collect a magnet with individual activation code to enter at the end of the survey (double chance of winning!). Plus, the magnets are really cute.

I gotten my “Take Care of Work-Life Balance” design, which will you take?

The above entry is brought to you by The ‘+’ Project by Phillips Singapore



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