Wait a minute! You mean the potatoes sold at Ireland’s Potatoes are not from Ireland?

Before you feel cheated, the shop is so named after it was “inspired” by the “Great Potato” famine in Ireland’s during 1845, which made the Irish treasure potatoes a lot more. Therefore it was Irish’s passionate and appreciative attitude toward the potato which inspired this brand. Not sure why the link? Me neither.

On the shop front, there is a line which promotes Ireland’s proverb of “There are two things in the world that can’t be joked: 1. Marriage 2. Potato.” (Huh?)

Other than that, Ireland’s Potatoes has really nothing do with Ireland, but you need to know that it is from Hong Kong, popular in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. The shop at Bugis+ (right opposite Poulet) is Ireland’s Potato first outlet in Singapore.

The snacks sold are American-type fries with interesting dips such as Honey Mustard, Yogurt Cream, Sour Cream, Cheese Pizza, Special Cheese, and Wasabi Mayo. Price for one is between $4.70 and $5.50, not exactly very cheap.

I was full of anticipation because the fries I tried in Hong Kong and Taiwan are really addictive – hot, crisp and thickly-cut.

After a 5 minute wait, I was slightly disappointed. No, it is not too bad at all and makes a suitable pre-cinema show snack. But the portion’s not as much as I wished for that price; the fries were not exactly piping hot; and the honey mustard dip though tasty and refreshing, was too little for a good spread.

One thing’s for sure – Singaporean’s love fries. Other than the usual fast food chains, Best Fries Forever, Everything With Fries, Sofries, Rock & Ash, What The Fries and PoTeaTo all have their own fries’ fans. Which are you a fan of?

Ireland’s Potato
201 Victoria Street #04-01 Bugis+ Singapore 188067 (Bugis MRT) Tel: +65 9720 0961
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm (Mon-Thurs), 11am-11pm (Fri-Sat)

Other Bugis+ Entries
Poulet (Bugis+)
Kungfu Paradise (Bugis+)
Bonchon Chicken (Bugis+)
Yayoiken (Bugis+)


  1. “Ireland’s Potatoes has really nothing do with Ireland, but you need to know that it is from Hong Kong”

    Funny… In Netherlands & Belgium, they have a local ice cream brand named “Australian Home Made Ice Cream” :

    These fries seems not very good, looks like they are not crispy at all and moreover seems full of cooking oil. I think that a Belgian person could die of a heart attack if they see that (the so-called “french fries” are in fact a specialty of Belgium; everybody in France considers that the “frites” = “french fries” are the culinary symbol of Belgium).

    A lot of names/brands seem mismatching nowadays…

    • I do know that I would like to visit Belgium one day to try their fries and potatoes. Well, I do know of people which thinks French Fries are from France 😀

      • I hope you will be able to taste the specific Belgian cooking one day, it deserves it.
        Beside the fries, the best dishes IMO are carbonnade flamande (beef stew with beer and gingerbread), stoemp (pronounce shtoomp’, a potato purée with vegetables), waterzooï (a kind of creamy soup with vegetables and chicken or seafood), anguille à la vert (eel with a thick sauce made from a set of green aromatic herbs like parsley, chervil…), lapin à la gueuze (rabbit stew with Gueuze beer, a very specific beer) etc.
        And of course : Belgian beers ! 🙂

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