One of the most anticipated malls in Singapore, The Star Vista has finally opened at Buona Vista! Are you excited or what? The Star is quite unlike any other. From a distance, the architectural design is spectacular and looks like a ship – probably inspired from the story of Noah’s Ark.

The lower 3 levels are operated by CapitaMalls Asia, and makes this the first naturally cooled mall in Singapore. That means no aircon when you walk outside the shops (and I was sweating a little)! But, it does feel like you are taking a stroll in the park with natural air.

Located above The Star Vista is The Star Performing Arts Centre, owned and managed by Rock Productions, and is one of Singapore’s largest performance venues with a 5,000 seat auditorium. This is also where New Creation Church ministered by Senior Pastor Joseph Prince will have its weekly Sunday services at the upper room after it moves out of Suntec.

For friends working at the Buona Vista, Rochester, One North, Biopolis and Fusionpolis, The Star Vista is probably a long-waited new lunch spot. And for church-goers at New Creation, this is where you will enjoy your blessed meals. (Read other eats at Rochester: B@Rochester, Obolo Galeria & Pies & Coffee.)

Here is a mall directory of the various Food places at The Star Vista. Good news as from the list, you will know there is no lack of food choices (Note: Not all shops are opened yet).

Basement 1
-18C, Canton Paradise Teahouse, Four Leaves, Fresh-Healthy Café, Marble Slab Creamery, Menya Musashi , Nando’s, Shake a treat, SOFRIES, Subway, Texas Chicken, The Manhattan Fish Market, Wrap & Roll, Xi Men Jie

Level 1
Boston Seafood Shack, Chewy Junior, District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant, dr Café, espresSOUP, Gong Cha, Hot Tomato Café & Grill, iBake, Itacho Sushi, Jamaica Blue, PappaRich, Pinocchio, Riciiotti-Pizza Pasta Grill, Sogurt, Trip-O’s by Whiteshop, NeNe Chicken

Level 2
Awfully Chocolate, BlackBall, Bornga, Brotzeit, CoCo ICHIBANYA , La barra, Lee’s Taiwanese, Morganfield’s, Owl Café, PORN’s, Senor Taco, Shiraz Lazziz Bistro & Bar, The Kitchen, Watami, Ya Kun, Youmenya Goemon

This brand new lifestyle destination does have a mix of tenants quite unlike the other malls in Singapore. For fellow foodies, here are 5 interesting food finds at The Star Vista. (And I still can’t believe I ate all of these in a single day. Abundance indeed.)

Morganfield’s #02-23
Morganfield’s has a cosy relaxing ambience which offers both indoor and alfresco seating. The food served is traditional American style, such as its signature Sticky Bones ($24.90 for half-slab, $36.90 for full-slab) which is old-fashioned barbeque pork ribs basted with special sweet and tangy hickory barbeque sauce. Surprisingly, the set lunches are very affordable, starting with $9.90 for a main course with soup and drink. Unfortunately what I wanted (both the Black Pepper Chicken and Quarter Honey Stung Chicken) were sold out during lunch time of Day 1 of operations. Settled for a Sirloin with Caramelized Onions ($16.90) which is decent though not spectacular, and a tiny tad small-portioned for guys like me. (Read: Full review of Morganfield’s)

Boston Seafood Shack #01-46
Boston Seafood Shack has the exterior design that caught my attention most – a fun colourful carnival type of décor. The food offers hearty flavours of the Bostonian harbour such as Golden-Battered Fish & Chips, Boston Clam Chowder and Boston Premium Lobstar Rolls. The Battered Cod ($12.90) comes wrapped in paper (so Aussie, I like) with servings of vinegar on side (so British, I like). The batter is deliciously crisp, but the fries reek of a fishy after-taste which is quite a spoiler. Has potential.

Owl Café #02-10/11
One of Singapore’s most familiar coffee brand Owl has its developed its first Owl café, which serves toast and an array of Asian-fusion delights such as Hainanese Curry Chicken, Assam Mango Chicken, Chicken Meat Ball Soup and Soft Shell Chill Crab Pasta (very similar to Old Town White Coffee’s concept). The Toast is unexpectedly tasty, with crispy evenly toasted sides, and generous topping of kaya and fragrant butter. Both the Kopi and Teh, unfortunately, were bad – one too thick and saccharine sweet, the later diluted and watery thin. We know this is first day on its job, and should deserve a second and third chance.

The Kitchen #02-25/26
The Kitchen by Koufu is the only food court at the Star Vista, with well-loved local favourites like Chicken Rice, home-made Yong Tau Foo, Ban Mian and Mixed Vegetable Rice amongst others. There is also a wide variety of International cuisine represented by the choice of Japanese, Korean, Western or Hong Kong delights. My main question is: Why is the dessert and fruit juice stall outside the food court in the open? This will probably be my default eating place for cheaper eats.

Sogurt #01-34
Sogurt and Sofries are sister companies, with Sofries selling a variety of fries (cereal fries anyone?) with 15 different flavoured dips. They were unfortunately not ready to serve us. Sogurt is a yogurt-by-weight shop, with more than 10 different flavours of low-fat, high calcium yogurt as well as an spectrum of toppings to choose from. Considering the mall can be rather warm during the day-time, having a yogurt here felt like heaven. The chocolate is my favourite, managing to balance a thick chocolate taste with light yogurt. (Read: Review of Sogurt)

“When they saw The Star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.”
With The Star Vista now opened, which is that one Food Outlet that you want to try first?

The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617 (Buona Vista MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. We will continue to work on improving the quality of our items. I do apologise for the out of stock items, the turnout for Day 1 was somewhat higher than our initial projections. But that is a good thing!

    I hope you will come back for another round, I’m sure that we will have the items ready for you. Plus you can also take advantage of our $6 pints of beer!

    Take care,

    Kevin Chung
    General Manager
    Morganfield’s Singapore.

  2. we went to the Itacho Sushi and it was an unpleasant experience… the aircon was not working in the restaurant, but we can understand such issues for newly opened restaurants. can still sweat a bit.

    but the service was horrific. the waitress brought us a wrong order so we unknowingly started eating (cos all salads look the same to us). after a while, she then came over with the correct order and exclaimed that we ate the wrong order. instead of apologising, she told us she had to take away our correct order since we’ve already eaten the wrong order (HAR?). of course we then called for the manager and got it resolved. but there was totally no “sorry” from that waitress at all, and she literally threw us back the correct order. and yes, she speaks perfect chinese and she is not a Singaporean.

  3. Yes I agree with cloudywind, Itacho svc is extremely bad. My Friends and I experience the bad service as well. The table is so small and they keep piling up the dishes without clearing the empty plates. And cannot eat peacefully, just no adequate in serving the customer. The waitress cannot understand English cos she is not local but from China. Very bad attitude. Ion Orchard svc is better. I am surprise to see half of their employees are from China and further, they are very reluctant to serve the customer. Just wanting you to finish and get off the place. Not dinning there anymore.

  4. We had a very good experience at Wrap & Roll. The spring rolls were very good. The royal beef noodle soup was flavourful. My friend does not eat beef and had the seafood soup which was good as well. Chrysantheum lime drink was refreshing. The service was courteous so no issues there.

  5. I love the food there everything except at the new shops they call themselves Tarts…
    Tho i know it's a new shop there but their service is totally can't be acceptable, cause the staff & the bosses there seems unpleasant to me at all especially the lady boss crossing arms against me doesn't want to serve me at all sucks…


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