Do you both love and hate buffets – love the variety and choice of food, but hate the feeling of overeating, with a sense of guilty and feeling plumpish at the same time. Not a good feeling to have, right? (Read: 60 Best Hotel Buffets In Singapore)

How to avoid overeating at the buffet restaurant? The most important rule of thumb – Don’t feel the need to CONQUER every single food at a single seating! Sometimes when I see the amount fellow customers eat, I also get a bit terrified.

You may want to consider some of the following tips when you go for your next buffet experience.

Start the Meal with a Salad
Some may be thinking, “Shouldn’t we start the meal with the most expensive items – the crabs, prawns, oysters and meat?!” No, no, no. Preceding the meal with salad or soup can help curb appetite.

Filling up on fiber-rich foods first can help reduce overall calorie intake at a meal by up to 12 percent. Research shows that people who started meals with soup ended up eating less than those who skipped the soup.

Zesty Thai papaya salad to start the meal. Pile up those fiber first.

Order From The Live-Cooking Stations
When eating, your brain needs about 20 minutes to get the “signal” that you are not hungry anymore. I know some people hate queuing at the live-cooking stations, but the waiting gives you time to digest the food you already eaten.

Plus, you can tell the chef to do a healthier version of any dish – less oil, less carb, and more vegetables. And I always feel better eating hot and fresher food anyway.

My order, Thai Beef Noodle Soup from live-cooking station – less kway tiao!

Do Your Research Before Going to the Buffet
Most reviews and credible food blogs should recommend the highlights of the buffet. Reading up on the must-eats can help you plan your buffet meat ‘strategically’, start eating with your favourite food types, and not waste calories on the yuckier food.

Only Eat Food That You Like
Some people may feel it is very “wasted” if you don’t get to try every food at the table. I think it is a far greater “waste” and injustice to your taste-buds and tummy if we keep stuffing with every single thing – good and bad. We should just enjoy the good food right?

I have a friend who keeps eating fresh oysters and crabs at the buffet, despite the fact that he doesn’t really like them. Because he wants to feel his money is well-spent! “If not, very lugi!” How, like that?

Eat food that you really enjoy at the buffet, remember, you are not competing with anyone.

Spend Some Time Plating and Photographing Your Food
Place food on your dinner plate as if you want to photograph it later (or you can really instagram the food). You will find that you will end up taking less, and not pile up like a mountain. The time spent can also help you digest your food slowly.

If not, focus on talking to the dining mates, rather than eating off your dining plate. A great conversation is the winning formula at the buffet table.

The smaller the plate, the better. Style your plate, make conversations with your friend, shoot a pic before you enjoy the food.

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