Looks like the Taiwanese style pineapple cakes are gaining popularity in Singapore as gifts during the Mid-Autumn festival, other than traditional lotus mooncakes. (Read: Why Do Taiwanese Give Pineapple Cakes During Mid-Autumn?)

Din Tai Fung is also offering their pineapple cakes as gift sets, $24.80 nett for a box of eight with premium Jasmine tea. These pineapple cakes are baked in their Taiwan’s central kitchen and air-flown to Singapore! (Read: Din Tai Fung at Taipei 101 + Guide To Eating Xiao Long Bao The Right Way)

The filling is ‘jam-my’, made with Songshan pineapples which is slightly sweet and not too acidic or tangy. Be careful though, their buttery golden crust is very crumply, and I am very sure bits will fall off if you just bite off without a plate holding the crumbs. I kind of like that because a full complete block would otherwise feel overly artificial.

[Giveaway Ended] Din Tai Fung Mid-Autumn Taiwan Pineapple Cakes Giveaway!
Din Tai Fung is giving away 2 boxes of the Mid-Autumn Taiwan Pineapple Cakes to lucky Daniel’s Food Diary readers. Each box will contain eight pineapple cakes and two boxes of premium Jasmine tea in an elegant gift packaging.

All you need to do is
1) *Likes* the FaceBook Page of Daniel’s Food Diary,
2) Share this post on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter AND
3) Leave a comment below to name ONE Din Tai Fung branch in Singapore (If you need a CLUE)

Results will be announced on Friday 14th September 2012. Contest winners must furnish a Singapore postal address. T&C applies.

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  1. Congrats to Sonia Yong (12 Sep, 11.51pm) and Keith Tan (13 Sep, 10.32am) for winning a Ding Tai Fung Mid-Autumn gift box of Taiwan Pineapple Cakes and Premium Tea.

    Thank you to Touch Communications for arranging the giveaway and picking the winners.

    Have a great Mid-Autumn celebration everyone!

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