Two of Singapore’s renowned restaurants Iggy’s and Waku Ghin have made it to the the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list. While we can be proud to say that Singapore has a place in the culinary map, it is about time that we should develop our own list of Singapore’s top 100 restaurants. (Read about: Waku Ghin)

While the world list has definite international recognition, it is undeniable that the British-based list can be skewed towards European restaurants and food styles. The good news is that an Asian list is in the works.

Les Créations de Narisawa – Top ranked restaurant in Japan and Asia

Looking back at Singapore, travellers and locals alike do not exactly have a reference to which are the top restaurants in here. As a food blogger, I make decisions on which are the ‘best’ restaurants by various food review websites, iphone applications, and food bloggers’ recommendations.

However, there is no island-wide set standard, or Michelin stars that the Singapore culinary scene can look forward to.

Amber – Top ranked restaurant in Hong Kong at Number 44

Having a locally recognised list can perhaps spur many Singapore restaurants to work towards a benchmark, in both culinary skills and customer service. There are many excellent local restaurants which deserve some form of recognition, other than the usual top names like Iggy’s, Les Amis and Andre. It is time we unearth these hidden talents.

This can also act as a checklist for food enthusiasts, especially those coming around the world.

A suggestion would be for the Singapore Tourism Board to take a step forward to develop the list with the media and a panel– such as chefs, food experts, writers and bloggers. The list will probably be an exciting and colourful one, representing the multi food cultures of Singapore.

Perhaps restaurants such as Crystal Jade Dining IN would make it in our list of Top 100. If Hong Kong’s Ho Hung Kee can have a Michelin star, it is time we reward our own restaurants too.

The above letter is originally published in TODAY, May 18 2012.


  1. I’m not sure about ever giving Crystal Jade a Michelin star, but I’d be up for seeing a reliable food guide for this island. But then again, I’d be happy just to see Singapore get a Yelp.

    • Haha, I don’t think all Crystal Jades would get a Michelin Star (if there is), but one or two branches are perhaps worthy. Well, if two Din Tai Fung branches can get it somehow, why not? 🙂

      Anyway, I am happy if there is our own ranking. Doesn’t have to be a Michelin.

    • I sometimes refer to the Miele Guide too for the Asian Top 20. Does it have one on Singapore alone? Also, many restaurants up there at usually the high-end ones, which may not be exactly the epitome of good food?


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